McHenry Fiesta Days Parade Participants March Through the Rain

The McHenry Fiesta Days Parade was almost over, but I was still hanging around to see if the Republicans would have an entry. As rain and, then, hail began an entry of liberals appeared supporting universal health care. They wanted … Continue reading

Stalwart Campaigns for Dennis Anderson

I reported on Independent McHenry County Sheriff candidate Jim Harrison’s volunteers collecting signatures at Woodstock’s Fair Diddley, but there was more political activity. In the center of the Square Terry Kappel was passing out campaign literature for the Democratic Party’s … Continue reading

Garbage Picker Visits Sally Wiggins’ Driveway

Thursday, as I was driving to the Post Office, I noticed a political tee shirted Terry Kappel walking west on Route 14. You know I had to ask him why he was so attired in Crystal Lake. Was he going … Continue reading