Joe Walsh Characterizes Potential Gubernatorial Opponents, etc., on WTTW

Pretty amazing that a losing Congressional candidate would be interviewed by liberal commentator Carol Marin, but on Wednesday night, there was Joe Walsh, all alone, answering her questions on WTTW. Under the posted interview is the following explanation: “National star … Continue reading

Republicans Looking for $150 and more to Take House from Madigan

Low rollers are invited to Algonquin’s Port Edward Monday night for a $55 fund raiserfor the McHenry County Republican Party. High rollers are invited to October 24th dinner at Crystal Lake’s 1776. Both the local Republican Party Chairman’s Circle Political … Continue reading

Auditioning at the State GOP Convention to be Illinois’ Scott Walker

John Kass lamented the lack of an Illinois Scott Walker last Thursday. He certainly is asking the right question: “Where is Illinois’ Scott Walker?” I was tempted to prepare a sign to affix to me chest asking. “Are you the … Continue reading

Wouldn’t You Think Tom Cross Would Want an Opponent for “Chainsaw Jack” Franks? 17 Days to Get One

State Rep. Tom Cross, the Republican House Minority Leader, put a lot of pressure on State Rep. and McHenry County Republican Chairman Mike Tryon to get his budget staffer selected to fill Mark Beaubien’s shoes. Gaffney ran a decent campaign, … Continue reading

Gaffney Campaign Manager Found to be Posting Comment on McHenry County Blog, Volunteering for McSweeney Campaign on State Time

My heavens. Who would have thought that typing in a comment on McHenry County Blog would end up in a suspension? Well, it was a bit more than that. State Rep. Kent Gaffney’s campaign manager Nick McNeeley also volunteered for … Continue reading

Dee Beaubien Running for State Rep against Dave McSweeney

Multiple sources have contacted McHenry County Blog with the news that State Rep. Mark Beaubien’s widow Dee is telling people she is running for State Representative against Republican winner Dave McSweeney. “There’s no doubt that she’s running,” one source who … Continue reading

Cross, Gaffney, Schmitz Vote Against Easing Recording Prohibition

I have written how reformer State Rep. Jeanne Hurley got snookered into sponsoring a bill in 1957 to prohibit reporters like Jack Mabley from using tape recordings of legislative corruption. Hurley married Paul Simon and is Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon’s … Continue reading

Contested State Rep. Primary Candidates Appear in Crystal Lake – Part 2

This is the second article on the McHenry County Young Republicans 52nd District State Representative District Candidates’ Forum at Crystal Lake’s McHenry County College.  The first is here. Another interesting exchange involved abortion. Both David McSweeney and Daniele Rowe said … Continue reading

Unknown Tom Cross Staffer Kent Gaffney Picked to Replace State Rep. Mark Beaubien

In a stunning decision, the committee of Republican Party leaders charged by law with selecting a replacement for State Rep. Mark Beaubien have selected the head of House Republican Leader Tom Cross’ Appropriations Committee staff. The choice is Lake County resident … Continue reading

GOP Offers Alternative Map Labeled “FAIR Map”

It is highly unlikely that the Senate House Republican reapportionment map that you see below will be enacted into law by the Democratic Party-dominated Illinois General Assembly, but it could end up getting consideration in the Federal courts. Compare the … Continue reading

How Temporary Is That 67% Illinois Income Tax Hike?

The Chicago Tribune today discusses Democrats (and Republicans, although the GOP has almost no say in the legislative process) are doing to fulfill the legislative pledge of rolling back the 67% income tax hike according to the schedule in the … Continue reading