More Analysis of Anna Miller’s Algonquin Township Time Cards Points to Payroll Padding

The following was published on Illinois Leaks and is republished here with permission: Algonquin Township Road District – Time Card Tuesday #3 – BY KIRK ALLEN ON FEBRUARY 19, 2019 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) – Time Card Tuesday brought to you … Continue reading

Illinois Leaks Continues Looking at Payroll Data under Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller

Reprinted from Illinois Leaks with permission: Algonquin Township – Anna May Miller and travel gate BY KIRK ALLEN ON JANUARY 28, 2019 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –Over fifty Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to Algonquin Township & Road District from the … Continue reading

Looking at Algonquin Township Road District Vacation Pay

Published with permission from Illinois Leaks: Algonquin Township Road District – AG Opinion, Federal Appellate Court ruling, and Illinois case law tell an interesting story…. BY KIRK ALLEN ON JUNE 9, 2018 • ( LEAVE A COMMENT ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –We have exposed numerous examples … Continue reading

More Anaysis of Anna May Miller’s Vacation Pay

From Illinois Leaks, reprinted with permission: Algonquin Township Road District – Anna May Miller – Pay during vacation not adding up? BY KIRK ALLEN ON MAY 28, 2018 • ( 3 COMMENTS ) McHenry Co. (ECWd) –The featured photo for this article is one of many … Continue reading

Why the U.S. Attorney Wants to Keep George Ryan in Jail

This is a long one and for that I apologize. But I want to have the basics of the U.S. Attorney’s case against former Governor George Ryan on McHenry County Blog and this seemed a good way to put it … Continue reading

Huntley School Supt. Burkey Says He Used Vacation Days to Go to China

It took months to find out. It seemed to me reasonable to ask whether Huntley School Superintendent John Burkey was “working” on the taxpayers’ dime for his junket (for which the district paid only registration) or on an officially recognized … Continue reading

Burkey Accepts No Raise This Year after Salary Hike of $70,000 since 2006

Huntley School District 158’s Superintendent John Burkey got about a $40,000 salary increase to come to Huntley in 2006. In this fourth year as Superintendent his salary currently is $178,000. He began in Huntley at $145,000. After three years of … Continue reading

When Huntley School Supt. John Burkey Takes His Vacation Is "A Clearly Unwarranted Invasion of Personal Privacy"

I’ve been trying to find out if Huntley School District 158 Superintendent John Burkey takes his vacation. The article you see is what piqued my interest. It said Burkey was in China for eight days. It sparked this article: Junket … Continue reading