ALAW Conflict of Interest Idea Jumps to Crystal Lake City Government

Remember hearing about how forest fires sometimes jump fire breaks that are intended to contain them. That may have happened late last week with the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s conflict of interest ordinance. Originally presented to the McHenry … Continue reading

Pro-Life Endorsement for Zane Seipler for Sheriff, County Board Candidates

Illinois Citizens for Life, a statewide pro-life group, has endorsed Zane Seipler for McHenry County Sheriff. Seipler is challenging incumbent Sheriff Keith Nygren in the February 2nd Republican primary election. The organization is also endorsing candidates for county board. In … Continue reading

Message of the Day – A Jar Opener

It’s time to get back to my “Message of the Day” feature. Switching back and forth on computers—NEVER, EVER buy a Hewlett-Packard computer—has made accessing photos difficult to impossible. At any rate, take a look at the jar opener I … Continue reading