Township Republicans Reorganize

Four more McHenry County Townships elected officers to lead Republican Party efforts for the next two years. First up was Nunda Township. There was not vote as candidate Nick Provenzano withdrew his candidacy in favor of Joe Gottemoller’s. Mark Daniel, … Continue reading

Twelve Seek Metra Board Appointment

The following seek to succeed former State Senator Jack Schaffer on the Metra Board. It’s a paying position–$15,000 per year–but not exempt from political heat. Dennis Adams, McHenry, former McHenry County College Board member, McHenry alderman and candidate for Mayor, … Continue reading

McHenry County Board Members May Have Signaled Intention to “Tax to the Max” Again

Getting as much money out of taxpayers is pretty much the goal of every tax district official, from school board member to township trustee. To do that, boards need to ask for more than the increase in the Cost of … Continue reading

Bob Anderson Wins One – County Board Puts Anti-Double-Dipping Referendum on Ballot

Wonder Lake activist-barber Bob Anderson got a referendum on the November without having to go door-to-door. The question was on an issue upon which Governor Pat Quinn built his political career. Until he had to depend upon double-dippers to advance … Continue reading

County Board Decides Not to Muddy Jack Franks’ County Czar Waters

There was a long debate over whether the County Board should put a referendum on the fall ballot asking voters is they wanted to elect the County Board Chairman in an at-large election. Before that several citizens provided input. District … Continue reading

Long-Time Incumbent Virginia Peschke in Trouble in County Board District 5

John Jung and Tina Hill, two of three Republican incumbents are positioned to be re-nominated in today’s primary election, but the third is in fifth place with 44% of the vote counted. Newcomer Mike Skala holds first place. Long-time member … Continue reading

Virginia Peschke Answers ALAW’s McHenry County Board Questionnaire

The answers filled out below were filed by District 5 McHenry County Board member Virginia Peschke. They are to the Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s Questionnaire. ALAW County Board Candidates Survey: 2012 Primary Election A. Land Use 1. Do … Continue reading

Tea Leaves at the Northwest Herald

Maybe it’s not tea leaves. Maybe it’s newspaper clippings to which I should allude. In any event, the first two McHenry County Board endorsement editorials got me thinking. McHenry County’s paper of record has suggested dumping Board Chairman Ken Koehler … Continue reading

Property Tax Hike Becoming County Board Top Issue – Part 3

Saturday night’s crowd of candidates also gave opening statements. And, as on Friday, some targeted like a laser beam on the tax hike issue. (See also Part 1 and Part 2.) But before beginning, let me remind you of those … Continue reading

Five File for Four Seats in McHenry County Board District 5

Until the end there was no primary election in the Republican Party for District 6. But toward the end of filing, previously announced candidate Huntley School Board member Mike Skala was standing in the McHenry County Clerk’s Office near the … Continue reading

Michael Rein Kicks Off District 5 County Board Campaign with Nov. 9th Fundraiser

A friend of mine got the fundraising invitation for November 9th for a newcomer to McHenry County politics–Michael Rein. The Doctor of Chiropractic invites supporters to join him Wednesday night at Stage Door Left next to the Opera House in … Continue reading

McHenry County Board Votes on Salary Hikes

There was “a Scribner’s error” in the county offices’ pay hike resolution some argued.  It passed October 18th. In that first vote, County Board members voted 19-4 to raise County Board salaries to $21,500 per year.  That’s about where all … Continue reading

Marc Munaretto Seeking to Replace Ken Koehler as County Board Chairman

Multiple sources have confirmed that the man who placed third in the contest to be named McHenry County Board Chairman is running again. The vote in 2008 was sixteen for Ken Koehler, six for Barb Wheeler and two for Marc … Continue reading

County Board Gives SportsPlex, Baseball Stadium, Wonder Lake Dredging More Time to Borrow Money

Led by Finance Committee Chairman Marc Munaretto, the deadline to have borrowed the money allocated by the McHenry County Board under the subsidized Federal Stimulus Program was extended until the end of December for three projects previously approved: $15 million … Continue reading

Dorr Township Republican Turnout

Earlier I calculated and posted the percentage turnout in the February 2nd Republican primary election for each precinct in Algonquin Township Grafton Township and Nunda Township The figures are not for the percentage that voted in all primary elections; rather, … Continue reading

Carolyn Schofield Gets Watershed Ordinance Recognition Resolution on City Council Agenda

At election night’s Crystal Lake City Council meeting, City Councilwoman Carolyn Schofield, elected last year, took the lead in getting a resolution on the agenda at tomorrow night’s meeting asking for recognition of the city’s Watershed Ordinance by county government. … Continue reading

First McHenry County Board Member Not Up for Election Files ALAW Conflict of Interest Form

The Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water has received its first completed conflict of interest form from a county board member not up for election. Her name is Virginia Peschke and she represents District 5. In addition, another candidate for … Continue reading

McHenry County Board Bans Video Slot Machines 13-10-1

OK. I was wrong. I predicted last night that the McHenry County Board would approved what proponents insist on calling video poker. But, this morning social conservatives on the board pulled off a 13-10-1 victory. That was with the help … Continue reading

The McHenry County Board’s Gambling Debate – Part 3

This is the fourth article on Tuesday’s gambling debate at the McHenry County Board. Click to find who voted how and for Part 1 and Part 2. Having failed to alter the agenda to allow a Tuesday up or down … Continue reading