County Highway Work Announced

And, this isn’t an April Fool’s Day story. Rather it is a press release from the McHenry County Transportation Department: The McHenry County Division of Transportation is proud to announce the 2010 interactive construction map at This map will … Continue reading

McHenry Blacktop Lumberjacks Target Canopy

Well, they’re not quite lumberjacks, but they’re as close as we come. If you haven’t driven on the road between Crystal Lake and McHenry, you are going to find it a lot more light next time around. The tree canopy … Continue reading

Message of the Day – Potholes

That’s the reason for this ROUGHROAD warning sign that the McHenry County Highway Department has put up near the Mormon Church on Walkup Avenue, which Crystal Lakers call the “McHenry Blacktop” and McHenry folks call the “Crystal Lake Blacktop.” The … Continue reading