A Letter from Joplin – Part 1

What follows is the first part of a long note from my sister, who lives in Joplin. Mercifully, her family lives in Leawood, about a quarter of a mile south of the Interstate on which I saw a photo of … Continue reading

Joplin Tornado – What Happened at the AT&T Store Across from Walmart

With my sister’s family living in Joplin, you can imagine our concern when the massive tornado hit. I knew where she lived and I knew where St. John’s Hospital was and I heard the tornado was a mile wide. She … Continue reading

Bill Cellini Close to Owners of Shopping Center CL Mayor Shepley Wants to Make Another Deer Park

With Springfield Republican powerhouse Bill Cellini making at least part of the pitch for the developers who won the right to make money in Vulcan Lakes TIF district, I was as interested in his comments about the Wal-Mart, old Cub … Continue reading