Teapot Boiling in Wisconsin, 63rd District Fire Doused with Kool-Aid in McHenry County

There must be a dam at the Illinois-Wisconsin border. The water from Wisconsin’s boiling tea kettle didn’t spill over the state border last Saturday when the McHenry County Republican Party decided no candidate against Jack Franks was better than Tea … Continue reading

Rockford Veteran Dave Syverson Leading Former DeKalb County Newcomer Christine Johnson by Wide Margin

Illinois Democrats put 19-year State Senator Dave Syverson of Rockford and newly-appointed Christine Johnson of DeKalb County into the same district. Syverson has appeared on Rockford television and radio for almost two decades. He has a fifty-point margin in his … Continue reading

Former Radio Talk Show Host Larry Leafblad Leading Tea Party Leader Lennie Jarrett & Others in Lake County

In that Lake County State Senate District where the incumbent seemed to try to throw around her weight during a domestic dispute, there’s a Republican primary contest between former WKRS Radio talk show host and County Board member Larry Leafblad … Continue reading