More Contributions for Bartman from Farm Bureau, Union & Mike Madigan’s Democratic Party

Right before the $200,000 came from Chicago Land Operators Joint Labor-Management PAC, a Political Action Committee related to Operating Engineers Union Local 150, came two contributions from the Illinois Farm Bureau PAC called “Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR Fund.” They totaled … Continue reading

Jack Franks, the Man Who Would Be King?

Commenter “Questioning” has listened to the interview of State Rep. Jack Franks on Justin Kaufmann’s WGN radio show on Wednesday night.  He had the following reaction: After listening to the interview, I draw the following conclusion: the little liar actually believes he … Continue reading

Walkup Reflects on Franks’ “I want to run McHenry County” Ambition

Jack Franks’ Republican opponent for the McHenry County Board Chairmanship wrote the following comment under the article about the ambition Franks’ revealed on Justin Kaufmann’s WGN radio show on Wednesday night: Here is how county government and the county chairman position … Continue reading