Board Winnows Down Architectural-Space Utilization Firms to Two

There was no official vote taken, but preferences were expressed after three Architectural Services-Space Utilization applicants made their pitches to the McHenry County College Board Thursday night. The three finalists were Holabird & Root Wight & Company Demonica Kemper Architects … Continue reading

New MCC $9 per Credit Hour Student Fee Would Pay Bulk of Health Club-Health Sciences Classroom Addition

A meeting at which topics were discussed, but not voted upon, was held by the McHenry County College Board Tuesday night. Consultant Power Wellness made the case for additional classrooms for health sciences and for a much larger health and … Continue reading

The Explanation of Wight & Co. of What MCC’s Campus Should Look Like 40 Years from Now

McHenry County College Facilty Master Plan Information provided by the college after the presentation: Facility Master Plan Information – April 26, 2012   Rationale: Why MCC Should Pursue a Master Plan The development and planning for facilities now offers an … Continue reading

Critic of the McHenry County College 3% Annual 40-Year Enrollment Projections Says They Deserve an “F”

An open letter from Lakewood’s Stephen Willson: An Open Letter to the MCC Board and the Community Any substantial government capital project needs to pass a two-part, sequential test. The first part of the test is, “Has a need been … Continue reading