Will County Board Concluded It Could NOT Take Away Countywide Elected Officials’ Pensions, as Jack Franks Is Proposing

v In another attempt to grab headlines, McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks has proposed a resolution to prevent current countywide elected officials from participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund pension program According to the Will County State’s Attorney’s … Continue reading

County Board Doesn’t Seem to Understand Separation of Powers

Having read Kevin Craver’s article about the changes in the County Board’s rules after the 2016 at-large election of a McHenry County Board Chairman, I have concluded that were we in the 1770’s most members would have been Loyalists to … Continue reading

Aerial Zoning Enforcement Banned in Will County

Tea Party activists are prominent in Will County. Tea Party folks aren’t keen on any level of government prying into what they consider their private affairs. Maybe that explains why there was a County Board movement to ban the use … Continue reading

Will County Board Raise Salaries of Elected Officials?

An article in the Southtown Star last week about the Will County Board’s consideration of higher pay for countywide officials and county board members leads me to wonder if the McHenry County Board will raise the salaries of the Clerk … Continue reading

Will County GOP Chairman Tells Why County Taxes Are Low

I asked for a Will County take on Democrat Jack Franks’ claim that Will County taxes were lower than McHenry County taxes and Republican Party Chairman Edward Ronkowski sent me the following email: “In a nutshell, Will County taxes are … Continue reading