Sex Trafficking Subject for Hultgren Thursday, CL Willow Creek Saturday

As Willow Creek Church in Crystal Lake holds a seminar on sexual slavery on Saturday from from 8:15-2 and the teenage girls kidnapped in Nigeria is gaining increasing attention worldwide, Congressman Randy Hultgren hosted a meeting on the subject in … Continue reading

Seminar on Sexual Expoitation of Children at Crystal Lake Willow Creek Church

Here is a meeting notice forwarded by Joe Edwards, President of Patriots United. That is the group who sponsored the breakfast on sexual trafficking a couple of Saturdays ago. Below is Edwards’ cover letter: I anticipate this to sell out … Continue reading

Newly Elected Lake in the Hills Trustee Has Blog

Not many locally elected officials have blogs. Today I discovered one for Denise Barreto, elected to the Lake in the Hills village board last spring. Her blog is the only one I know of in McHenry County. It’s called, Denise … Continue reading