Susan Handelsman Provides Cost-Benefit Info on Clay Academy D200 Did Not

Susan Handelsman, who has been bird-dogging Woodstock School District 200 for several years is presenting the following information on Clay Academy to make sure it is on the public record. Public Comment to the Woodstock School Board Facility review committee … Continue reading

Minority Report on Keeping District 200’s Clay Academy Open

Susan Handlesmann has written a Minority Report on Clay Academy for the Woodstock School District’s Facilities Review Committee.  It appears below: MINORITY REPORT: FACILITY REVIEW COMMITTEE MISLED ABOUT CLAY ACADEMY COSTS/REVENUE Clay Academy building is being kept open in order … Continue reading

The Woodstock School District Facilities Review Committee Members

Here are the members of the Woodstock School District’s Facilities Review Committee: Gabi Anguiano Amanda Bergstrom Jennifer Bigler Amy Blalock Tricia Bogott Catherine Cantwell Diane Carter Ray Caywood Artuor Flores Diana Frisbie Linda Gabrielson Brian Gerloff Carl Gilmore Maria Gonzalez-Echevarria … Continue reading