How Affordable Housing Works

A letter to the Northwest Herald, reprinted with permission of its author, Steve Willson: Affordable Housing My Foot! Regarding the recent story in the Northwest Herald (Woodstock’s Prairie View Apartment Community Changes Hands; February 12, 2019). I’ve been in the municipal bond … Continue reading

Civic Federation Calculates Some Tax Burdens

The Civic Federation has issued a report entitled, “ESTIMATED EFFECTIVE PROPERTY TAX RATES 2007-2016: Selected Municipalities in Northeastern Illinois.” For McHenry County, it has calculated effective tax rates for four communities: Woodstock – 3.6% Harvard – 3.47% Algonquin – 3.09% … Continue reading

Woodstock Man Arrested for Predatory Sexual Abuse after Victim Reports Crime to Woodstock School Staff

A press release from the Woodstock Police Department: Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child Arrest On February 13th, 2019, the Woodstock Police Department’s Investigations Division was contacted by representatives from Woodstock School District 200 regarding a victim reporting to school staff … Continue reading

Defenders Offers Electricity Savings with Community Solar Farm Participation

From the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County: Reserve your spot with THE ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENDERS’ COMMUNITY SOLAR FARM PLEASE RESPOND BY JANUARY 8. “I would like to express my appreciation for the Defender’s efforts to bring community solar to our Dean … Continue reading

Woodstock School Board President Criticizes TIF as “Tax Reallocation”

Prior to the December 18th Joint Review Board hearing for the huge new Tax Increment Financing District proposed by the Woodstock City Council, School District 200 Board President Carl Gilmore wrote the following call for opposition, which was published in … Continue reading

Why Woodstock Residents Should Oppose New TIF District

Susan Handelsman again urges Woodstock residents to contact members of their City Council asking them to reject the new Tax Increment Financing District: 2018 Woodstock TIF 2 Final City Council Action Coming Up Woodstock TIFs are tax hikes. Woodstock property tax rate … Continue reading

Summary of Arguments Against Huge Woodstock Tax Increment Financing District Approval

From Susan Handelsman: 2018 Woodstock TIF 2 Joint Review Board School Objections Woodstock TIF 2 Joint Review Board voted 5-2 to ‘pass’ TIF 2 (NOT “Recommend’ it). Two swing YES votes came from the Woodstock-chosen “Citizen Representative” who refused to … Continue reading

Three Young Men from Woodstock Die on Lily Pond Road

A press release from McHenry County Coroner Anne Majewski: Lily Pond Road Vehicle Crash McHenry County Coroner, Dr. Anne Majewski, announced this morning that her office is investigating the deaths of three young men killed early Sunday morning, December 16, … Continue reading

Why TIF Districts Raise Your Taxes

From School District 200 resident Susan Handelsman: WHERE DOES TIF MONEY COME FROM? Mayor Brian Sager of Woodstock and a large team of highly compensated Financial Development department government employees assert that the money comes from TIF ‘Development’, NOT taxpayers … Continue reading

First Woodstock Tax Increment Financing District Analyzed

From Seneca Township and School District 200 resident Susan Handelsman: 1997 Woodstock TIF 1 Data about Diecast Site By historical records available, it seems that: By 1998, the Diecast site was cleaned up at Allied Signal’s expense, and the clean … Continue reading

MCC Teacher Ignores MCC Board’s Opposition Woodstock TIF District

From Woodstock’s Susan Handelsman: 2018 Woodstock TIF 2 City Council Appeal 11-20-18 Woodstock City Council, the only people empowered now to stop Woodstock TIF 2, need to be made aware that the so-called ‘taxpayer’s representative” on the Joint Review Board … Continue reading

Defenders Woodstock Square Mall Book Store Having Hallway Sale

A press release from the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County: ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENDERS’ HALLWAY BOOK SALE AT WOODSTOCK SQUARE MALL WOODSTOCK – The Environmental Defenders of McHenry County will hold their annual Hallway Book Sale at the Woodstock Square Mall, 110 … Continue reading

Can the Woodstock TIF Be Stopped?

More thoughts from Seneca Township resident Susan Handelsman: WOODSTOCK TIF 2: CAN IT BE STOPPED? Lawsuit. Woodstock CUSD 200 has standing to file litigation to stop this TIF. The TIF study procured by Woodstock has enough similarities to the 2016 … Continue reading

Fighting the Woodstock Tax Increment Financing District

From Seneca Township’s Susan Handelsman: WOODSTOCK TIF 2: TAXPAYERS SELF-DEFENSE OPTIONS Detach southern/western portion of taxable properties from Woodstock CUSD 200.  A second school district could be created from the old high school and new Dean Street school complex. New … Continue reading

Trying to Get a Handle on Tax Increment Financing Districts

The following is from rural Woodstock resident Susan Handelsman, as result of substantial analysis: Quantifying the Nebulous “But-For” TIF (Tax Increment Financing) Requirement Using Cap rate as ‘But-For’ guidance In every profession there are industry standards guiding decisions. Real estate … Continue reading

Woodstock Robbery Suspects Arrested While Burglary in Progress, Implicated in St. Mary’s Church Burglary

A press release from the Woodstock Police Department: Arrest – Burglary to Business On Tuesday, October 30th, 2018, at approximately 1:46 A.M., the Woodstock Police Department responded to Gas Cap Fuels, located at 401 South Eastwood Drive, Woodstock, in reference … Continue reading