Tax Protest Suit Against Crystal Lake Grade School District – Part 2

This is the second count in attorney Tim Dwyer’s tax protest suit against Crystal Lake Grade School District District 47: DISTRICT 47 WORKING CASH FUND – EXCESSIVE ACCUMULATION At the end of the fiscal year 2015, District 47 had $13,950,587 … Continue reading

Schools Pull the Wool over 226 Illinois House Eyes

“It’s just a little nothing bill.” I can hear the words coming out of House Sponsor Roger Eddy to colleagues asking privately what the bill was all about. Not that I know Eddy. I just know the process. When you … Continue reading

Cary Grade School Tax Hike Proponent Out

The Cary District 26 School Board drama started with the authorization of a $17 million Working Cash Fund referendum. I am no fan of Working Cash Funds. They are mechanisms whereby school districts borrow money for current operations and, after … Continue reading

Cary Grade School $17 Million Referendum Support Materials

Here’s what the school administrators gave the District 26 school board members before they voted 4-3 to ask for $17 million in Working Cash bonds. Remember this contains no outside analysis. I made my general comments on my dislike of … Continue reading