Defenders Seek Visual Support for Solar Panel Zoning at Tuesday County Board Meeting

A message from the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County: McHenry County Board to Vote on County’s First Community Solar Projects On Tuesday evening, July 17, the McHenry County Board will vote on the first community solar projects in our county. This … Continue reading

Walkup Charges Gottemoller with Conflict of Interest

A press release from McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Walkup: Walkup Campaign Charges Gottemoller with Conflict of Interest CRYSTAL LAKE, IL – McHenry County Board Chairman, Joseph Gottemoller, was quoted in his interview with the Northwest Herald in response to charges … Continue reading

Illinois State Rifle Assoc. Meeting Tuesday at Algonquin’s Colonial Cafe

Toward the bottom of this message from Mickey Schuch, President of the McHenry County Concealed Carry Association is information about an Illinois State Rifle Association meeting being held in Algqonuin Tuesday night: When is enough….enough? Is it too early for … Continue reading

Crystal Lake Reacts to Bleacher Victory

A press release from the City of Crystal Lake in the wake of the Illinois Supreme Court’s upholding of the Home Rule city’s authority to exercise zoning and water run-off ordinances over High School District 155: Property rights victory at … Continue reading

Strip Joint Regulation

There aren’t any strip joints in McHenry County right now, but note was made during the Unified Development Ordinance debate by Wonder Lake’s John Hammerand that it language was not good enough. Deputy County Administrator Scott Hartman brought up the … Continue reading

Recording of Illinois Supreme Court Bleacher Hearing Available

Yesterday the fight over zoning between the Crystal Lake South High School bleacher neighbors & City of Crystal Lake and the Crystal Lake Lake High School District 155 went before the Illinois State Supreme Court. The arguments were undoubtedly repetitious. … Continue reading

Supreme Court to Referee Fight between Municipalities and Schools

A press release from Crystal Lake High School District 155: Illinois Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Crystal Lake South Bleacher Case by Jeff Puma The Illinois Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case involving the Crystal Lake South High … Continue reading

Second Message from Fire Chiefs Supports New Zoning Ordinance

The following letter was sent to the McHenry County Board: October 21, 2014 TO: James Heisler Peter Austin FROM: Chief Rich Tobiasz RE: UDO The McHenry County Fire Chief’s Association created a committee to review issues and questions, posed to us, … Continue reading