Decision Day for Chemtool

The Crystal Lake-spawned lubricant manufacturing firm called Chemtool will see if Boone County wants to claim its planned 500-employee campus tonight when the Boone County Board votes on its zoning proposal.

The Rockford Register-Star continues to give this potential relocation from Crystal Lake the coverage it deserves.

Supporters of what will probably become an eastern anchor for Boone County need to muster a two-thirds majority for the zoning change because neighboring property owners have filed official objections.

If Boone County board members approve the proposal, it can boast a huge victory.

And McHenry County will have suffered a huge loss.

Chemtool President Jim Athans told the Rockford paper that construction could start in 30 days.

At least one opponent in Garden Prairie, just west of the Boone-McHenry County line, had a sign of opposition to Chemtool on Route 20 when we drove past before the April elections.

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