Two McHenry County Presidential Delegate Candidates

State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Bull Valley) is running as a candidate for delegate to the 2008 Democratic Party National Convention as a supporter of Hillary Clinton.

Crystal Laker Elizabeth Puchmelter is running pledged to Bill Richardson.

That’s it folks.

No other presidential candidate selected anyone from McHenry County as a candidate for delegate.

Republicans file from November 28th through December 5th.

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I am informed that Algonquin Township Republican precinct committeeman and District 300 School Board member John Ryan is passing petitions for Mitt Romney.

I should have said that only two Democrats were seeking election as national convention delegates.


Two McHenry County Presidential Delegate Candidates — 2 Comments

  1. You’re missing more Democratic candidates. In the 8th Congressional District, Rich Garling, Nunda 26 precinct committeeman, and Kathy Bergan Schmidt. Nunda 1 precinct committeman, are running as Richardson delegates, and Pat Ouimet, Dorr 12 precinct committeeman, is running as a Clinton alternate. In the 16th, Archie Beaton of Algonquin is running as an alternate for Richardson.

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