Barney Frank to Melissa Bean

In an Associated Press article, 8th congressional district Congresswoman Melissa Bean relates a conversation with her Financial Services Committee chairman, Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank.

“What don’t you understand about yes?” Frank demanded of Rep. Melissa Bean, D-Ill., who as a rookie congresswoman had gone to her panel chairman to ask to take the lead on a bill.

“Speaking with Barney is almost like writing in shorthand, because he just nets to the end — let’s just cut to the chase,” said Bean, a centrist who says she appreciates Frank’s pragmatism and work ethic.

A frequently dispensed piece of advice, Bean said, is, “If he barks at you, don’t be offended. If he’s biased against anything, it’s stupidity.”

As another congressman commented, “…doesn’t suffer fools gladly…”

Hey, I didn’t write the AP article.

Julie Hirschfeld Davis did.

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