Algonquin Township Democrats Activate Trustee Campaign

For any Algonquin Township Republicans thinking that local Democrats are going to be satisfied with just having three names on the ballot for township trustee, think again.

Showing up in Crystal Lake on and west of McHenry Avenue south of Route 14 are signs—many signs—like the one you see above.

At first I thought it might be for High School District 155’s board.

Looking closer, it’s obvious it’s for Algonquin Township.

The names on the yard sign are Frank, Hyden and McTague.

If any incumbent, except appointed incumbent Joe Powalowski did any campaigning in the Republican primary election, I didn’t see it. Powalowski sent out a post card that arrived the Saturday before the election.

Perhaps Republicans need to be reminded that three votes can control the township board.

I don’t know what that means these days, but it might be interesting to watch.

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