Revolt of the "Serfs" in Island Lake

Looks like there is a campaign in Island Lake.

How dare they?

This is the town that Mayor Tom Hyde, under arrest, runs with an iron hand, isn’t it?

No pig farm is going to get in the way of his making a deal with a developer, right?

The invitation to a “Meet and Greet” shows that.

The folks on this slate of “fed ups” are holding an event this afternoon from 2-5 at which citizens can meet and get to know them. It’s at 3D-Sideouts. You can see some of them above. The photo was taken at the end of last April.

I don’t know if the challengers are Republicans, but Hyde’s folks are dominated by Democrats, one of whom, Rich Garling, even ran for state representative against Republican Mark Beaubien.

You can see some of the candidates above in this mini-rally in support of arrested tee shirt wearing Vietnam Veteran Greg Kachka, who is now running for village trustee.

A second candidate for trustee include Laurie Rabattini, who runs the blog

The third is Dwaine Schaal, about whom I know nothing.

Running for mayor is John Ponio, who has been part of the “loyal opposition” to Hyde’s group.

Mary Jo Martin is the slate’s candidate for village clerk.

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Greg Kachka can be seen to the left; John Ponio to the right.

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