Patriots United Plan Second Health Care Meeting–This Time with Congressman Don Manzullo

The following is a press release from Patriots United:

Patriots United, McHenry County Chapter, in conjunction with Americans For Prosperity, hosted yet another highly successful townhall meeting on July 24th at the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn, featuring a panel of experts addressing the Obama Administration’s efforts to nationalize health care.

A capacity crowd of close to 300 concerned citizens joined our gathering for two hours of stimulating and very educational conversation with individuals well versed in all aspects of the health care industry.

Our distinguished panel, including

  • Dr. Raymond Bianchi, a noted family physician,
  • Mr. Jeffrey R. Ladd, senior law partner & legal consul for a local hospital,
  • Mr. Doug Fenstermaker, a long time medical industry entrepreneur/ consultant and
  • Mr. Ryan Brauns, a medical insurance specialist,

fielded several wide-ranging questions from a pair of moderators as well as questions from the audience at large.

Some of the questions addressed during the forum included:

  • “In an ever-expanding central government, it appears that individual citizens are losing more and more of their autonomy. What are the results when this happens and is it really a good idea to have the government also control health care to a larger degree?”
  • “What is the benefit, if any, of a ‘Health Care Savings Account’ as proposed by some members of Congress and does this give greater freedom to the end-user? If so, how?”
  • “How does a physician view our current model of health care and can we do better?”
  • “Is the rationing of health care on the horizon? What would prevent this?”
  • “How does Tort Reform fit in the health care debate? To what extent is Tort Reform necessary and what affect will this have on the rising cost of health care?”

Attendees were treated to an objective and realistic debate of critical issues associated with end-of-life decisions, Medicare & Medicaid, euthanasia and abortion relative to a national health care takeover as well as deeply seated ethical issues associated with widespread government control. Several elected officials and announced candidates attended the forum as well.

On Friday, August 21st, Patriots United and Americans For Prosperity will proudly host yet another highly informative and useful exchange of ideas seeking to consider alternative solutions to the health care industry’s difficulties in the face of an ever-increasing public outrage over this unprecedented expansion of the Federal Government’s power.

We cordially invite and highly encourage all engaged American citizens to join us in this educational endeavor aimed at preserving and improving the best health system in the world. Please check our website, for meeting information and times.

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From right to left in the photo of the panel are Ryan Brauns, Jeff Ladd, Sr. (Board Member of Patriots United), Dr. Raymond Bianci and the Doug Fenstermaker.

Next you see Brian Kelly addressing the crowd.

In the picture below, Joe Edwards (Board Member of Patriots United) is seen next to Joe Calimeno.


Patriots United Plan Second Health Care Meeting–This Time with Congressman Don Manzullo — 1 Comment

  1. Wow- Patriots United gathered FOUR people who all earn HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars off the current, deeply flawed medical system and ALL of them agree it's the best system and shouldn't be changed! What are the ODDS OF THAT? TRULY REMARKABLE.

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