Jack Franks Off to Ireland after Son’s Bar Mitzvah

Springfield political columnist Bernie (OK, Bernard) Schoenburg of Springfield’s State Journal-Register flushed out details of why State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) hasn’t announced his future political plans.

Part, he points out, is probably because of his son Henry’s bar mitzvah last weekend.

And here are details about Franks’ trip to Ireland that I have seen no where else:

“Franks was to take off this weekend on a trip to Ireland with other lawmakers, including House Speaker MICHAEL MADIGAN and Senate President JOHN CULLERTON.

“The organizer of the trip is state Rep. DAN BURKE, D-Chicago, Franks said. Travelers are spending their own money, Franks said, though some meetings will take place with Irish officials.”

Sparking Schoenburg’s interest in Franks was a press release he sent out to national and state media. The Springfield reporter shared some of it:

“As a guest, Rep. Franks can provide firsthand insight into the quirky, dysfunctional chemistry between the legislature and Blagojevich.

“Rep. Franks … chaired several hearings that revealed the abuses of power and wrongdoing Blagojevich has been indicted on.”

The promotion apparently worked. The columnist wrote,

Franks was “interviewed by some national radio shows and by newspapers including USA Today.”

McHenry County Blog has suggested a campaign theme that might win Franks the Democratic Party nomination.

I wonder if Madigan, who, remember, has strings all over Illinois, and Cullerton will encourage or discourage Franks.

I wonder if Madigan, who, remember, has strings all over Illinois both as House Speaker and Chairman of the Democratic Party, and Cullerton will encourage or discourage Franks’s gubernatorial ambitions.

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