Zane Seipler’s 2nd Newspaper Ad

Just in case you don’t subscribe to the Northwest Herald, here’s the graphic and text of the ad Zane Seipler, candidate to replace McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren, place in the Northwest Herald Sunday.

Informed citizens, local business and government leaders, have long known about Keith Nygren’s questionable judgment, behavior and the atmosphere of intimidation he has created within the Sheriff’s Department. The harsh tactics he has foisted on many private citizens are well known throughout the County.

People tell us that, until now, they felt they had no option other than tolerate a man who has, over a period of too many years, learned to “work” the system.

People wonder how Mr. Nygren somehow manages to afford and maintain three homes . . . in three different states. Most voters are unaware that Sheriff Nygren spends an inordinate amount of time in Florida, where his wife is a full-time resident. In fact, the Nygren’s home is recognized by the State of Florida as housing permanent residents. As a result, Florida has issued a $50,000 Homestead Tax Exemption, as the Nygrens seemingly “work” the system from both ends.

Evidence suggests that Mr. Nygren travels to his Florida home on a more or less regular basis. Official disclosure records indicate that the Nygrens have spent hundreds of campaign donation dollars, in upscale Florida restaurants. (Mr. Nygren also spends time at his Minocqua, Wisconsin home where official records show that the Nygrens enjoy meals at Chy’s Red Steer Super Club, also funded by campaign contributions.) Instead of performing his day-to-day duties, at his desk here in McHenry County, he is apparently living a life of leisure under the Florida sun. It’s time to elect a full-time Sheriff who lives in McHenry County.

At age 36, I am at times questioned about my experience. It’s a little known fact that I am four years older than Keith Nygren was when, at 32, he attempted his first bid for Sheriff, as a Democrat.

I’m inspired knowing Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence at age 33. Of course, I make no claim to be Thomas Jefferson. However, I am fully qualified and well-prepared to serve. I have spent 14 years of my life serving and protecting my country and community.

Unlike Mr. Nygren, I have served in our Nation’s armed forces. I am a Navy Veteran, a certified and experienced police officer as well as a highly trained and qualified correctional officer. For those who may not know, my wife Rose is a registered nurse who has also dedicated her life to serving others. Together, we have three beautiful children, ages five, three and four months. Like yours, our family is a part of the McHenry County community and its future.

My intention is to return the Sheriff’s Department to one based on fairness, honest hard work, and a level of integrity that has been missing for many years. Accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibility will be the hallmarks of my administration. Under my leadership, the Sheriff’s Department will be saying goodbye to questionable ethics, cronyism and the business-as-usual ways of the past.

With your support on February 2nd, a new era of ethical law enforcement will begin in McHenry County. “A New Beginning” is on the horizon and we can usher it in together. When you enter the privacy of the voting booth to cast your secret ballot, you will have the opportunity to choose the man who will lead the Sheriff’s Department into the future, leaving the unfortunate ways of the past behind.

Zane Seipler

Republican Candidate for McHenry County Sheriff

Paid for by Citizens for Zane Seipler

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