$10,000 Part-Time Job, Full Family Health Benefits

Grafton Township Map

That’s what the compensation for the Grafton Township Clerk is.

Dina Frigo recently announced her resignation as of February 4th.

Someone has to replace her.

Could it be you or one of your friends who has just lost a full-time or part-time job?

Of course, one must be a resident of Grafton Township.

And, if you want to keep the job more than the three years remaining in the elected official’s term, you would need to run for the office and get elected.

Take a look at the map. Grafton Township runs from a north-south basically running through the center of Crystal Lake Meridian Street in Lakewood)
south to the McHenry-Kane County line.

Streets around the Grafton Township offices.

Although it is a public position, no one has laid out any application process.

Maybe the township board, which makes the appointment, has already decided on a replacement.

The next meeting of the township board is February 11th—at the Park District Building—if recent practice is followed.

Since there are no application procedures, if you are interested in the not-too-much-work, decent part-time salary and marvelous health benefits for the entire family, why not send a letter asking to be considered (containing your qualifications, of course) to

Grafton Township
10109 Vine Street
Huntley, IL 60142


$10,000 Part-Time Job, Full Family Health Benefits — 2 Comments

  1. Who would make the selection. These trustee’s will not accept Linda Moore as supervisor or any of her plans. Could someone from the previous administration be part of this? Just asking.

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