YR Spotlight on Bryan Javor, Outgoing Chairman

The McHenry County Young Republicans started a new feature in its weekly email. It is profiling members.

The first was its Chairman Bryan Javor, who is stepping down this year.

What is your background?

Bryan Javor

I spent the vast majority of my youth in the suburbs near the Fox River.

The summers were filled with friends from a small but close group fishing, biking, learning about nature, playing neighborhood games, playing music and swimming.

The winter time was a period of social and academic development, as I attended a parochial school until 9th grade.  I grew up in a large yet close-knit, Italian catholic family.

My family was the sports crazy family in the neighborhood.  I have an uncle who played semi-professional baseball and another who played semi-professional hockey.

Ironically, sports didn’t interest me to much extent.  Sports merely helped pass the time with friends and family until I could escape to go fishing again.

I was a ‘geek’ until about 13, so I’m proud to say, there’s nothing wrong with being a geek!

I regularly got caught using my dad’s briefcase as a backpack in school.  For some reason I thought it was really really awesome to bring a briefcase to school.

Eventually this streak of coolness subsided and I became very interested in technology.  I spent the better part of my teen years learning how to write business plans, manage, negotiate, and write basic computer programs and web pages.

Bryan Javor at a Young Reublican meeting at 1776.

I worked for a few technology companies and eventually went on to a state university to further my knowledge.

It was during college I met my loving fiancée Angela.  Angela and I have 2 wonderful dogs (Diesel and Bailey) and hope to someday have a beautiful family together in McHenry County.

Why you are involved in MCYR?

In 2005 I was heavily involved in national telecommunications politics and desired to become more locally involved.

It began with one call to the McHenry County Central Committee.

The McHenry County Republican Party was incredibly welcoming and supportive of my desire to become involved and eventually even helped start a YR organization.  The group could not have succeeded without the likes of the original founding members and central committee’s guidance.

I became involved in McHenry County politics as a result of, and in opposition to, Illinois’ looming budget crisis.  Ill advised fiscal policy and atrocious borrowing established my drive for local involvement; however it is our local McHenry County policies and growth which continue to drive me.  I believe we have a wonderful community, with accomplished leaders.

If we, the youth of McHenry County, can learn the tenets of sound ethics and financial management in a bedrock of Republican values, such as McHenry County, we can grow and contribute to the well-being of our entire state.

We will lead with the virtues we learned here, back in McHenry County.

What do you do professionally?

Presently, I own and operate a start-up company called ReachFly, which is a strategic communications corporation and Chair the McHenry County Young Republican group.

What are your hobbies?

Reading, debating, singing, camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing, hunting, swimming, martial arts, shooting, motorcycling, etc

What is your favorite book and movie?

It’s a hard tie between “Gladiator” and “The Patriot” for favorite movie and a hard tie between Sun Tzu “The Art of War” and “First, Break All The Rules”.

Any closing remarks?

I’m honored to serve the McHenry County Young Republicans and the voters of our community.  I hope to serve in many roles for the good of our community for many years to come.  Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me.   I look forward to meeting you personally.

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