Lecturing on Illinois Ethical Behavior – Part 2

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog talked about the incongruity of having an Illinois legislator lecture others about ethical behavior.

One of McHenry County’s own, ten-year incumbent lawyer-politician State Rep. Jack Franks inspired the story.

Rather than being a man of the people or representative of the people at home, Franks was enjoying the warmer climes of Scottsdale, Arizona.

It snowed in Illinois.

The front page in the Chicago Sun-Times when Rod Blagojevich was arrested.

A storm in Scottsdale, known for its good winter weather, made be wonder if maybe even God was upset at what Franks said there on December 7, 2009, Pearl Harbor Day.

Former Governor Rod Blagojevich was dead meat after the feds arrested him, and let audio tapes be heard.

The phrase “freaking golden” became publicized except “freaking” wasn’t the original word.

The Feds took Blago down and the impeachment proceedings were a foregone ceremonial and legal process conclusion.

Consider the lopsided votes, if you have doubts.

Sure state legislators postured. Sure, folks like Franks got publicity.

But impeachment was a foregone conclusion.

What else could Illinois Democrats do to try to wash their hands of their complicity in adding a million dollars a year to the budget and putting state government in such a mess.

Get rid of the chief executive and maybe the bad publicity would go away.

In one whopper of an exaggeration Franks would have people believe he was the man who got Blago.

In Franks own words from his Facebook account about his Scottsdale lecture he takes personal credit for Blagojevich’s downfall:

“Franks was responsible for revealing many of the abuses of power on which Blagojevich was eventually impeached.”

More tomorrow.

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