Fights Over Grade School Board Membership

Only five elementary school districts in McHenry County have contests for school board.

Two are in the southwest corner, one in the northeast corner and two in the southeastern part of the county.

In Richmond-Spring Grove (Nippersink) Grade School District 2 there are three openings and six candidates. Note that Adam Metz has also filed for the Richmond-Burton High School Board.  He can’t run for both.

  • Matt Johnson
  • Bertram Irslinger, Jr.
  • Melinda Ross
  • Diane Bushing
  • Adam Metz
  • Todd Callaby

Riley Grade School District 18 has three vacancies and five candidates. I believe Riley is McHenry County’s smallest school district.

  • Jay Behnke
  • Brian Haeflinger
  • Bryan Millard
  • Christopher Peters
  • Debora Troberts

Board members who terms are up are Jay Behnke, Christopher Peters and Debora Troberts.

Cary Grade School District 26 have four seats opening. All are filled with appointed members. Terms expiring are held by Gerry Bloom, Tom Mollet, Devin Bright and Susan McGarrigle.  Floyd Meyrs was the only one to file for the two-year term and is assured election.

For the 4-year terms, four people have filed for three seats:

  • Scott Coffey
  • Kevin Carrick
  • Jason Larry
  • Joseph Alse

Filing so far for the 2-year vacancy is

  • Floyd Myers

In Crystal Lake Grade School Distinct 47, there are four candidates for three four-year terms.

  • Carlo Agnello
  • Nancy Gonsiorek
  • Ryan Farrell
  • Robert Fetzner

Dave Hubbard is not running for re-election.

Five people have filed for three spots for Marengo Grade School District 165:

  • Leslie Pace
  • Tommie Riedl
  • Pat Van Voorhees
  • Karen Boxleitner
  • Cynthia Schenk


Fights Over Grade School Board Membership — 4 Comments

  1. Cal, correction to your D-26 list. Members with terms expiring are Jason Larry, Scott Coffey, Kevin Carrick, and Vicki Pesch. Larry, Coffey, and Carrick were all appointed. Pesch was elected as the lone candidate in April, 2009 for a 2 year seat to complete Julie Lehman’s term (Lehman resigned in 2008 and passed away in 2009).

  2. Richmond Spring Grove School board.

    Adam Metz has got enough on his hands kicking handicap patients and my
    aunt off his senior transportation bus.

    Carma always comes back to you

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