Franks Loses Vindictive Metra Bill in Committee

"Who does Jack represent?" the billboard asks. The answer? "$975,444 from lawyers, labor and lobbyists." Then, below, "Rep. Jack Franks." Metra Board member Jack Schaffer owns Liberty Outdoor.

The Daily Herald is reporting that Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks has had his attempt to remove former Republican State Senator and McHenry County GOP Chairman Jack Schaffer from his appointed post on the Metra Board.

Schaffer was one of the Republicans who actively opposed Franks’ re-election when he was challenged by McHenry Grade School and Library Board member John O’Neill.  Schaffer owns Liberty Outdoor, the billboard company that posted the message Franks found offensive as close to Franks’ Route 47 office as possible.

While I believe House Bill 1516 was aimed specifically at Schaffer, it also would have sacked the other Metra Board members.

In addition, replacements would have been denied fringe benefits.

The bill failed in the House Mass Transit Committee 6-16-1.


Franks Loses Vindictive Metra Bill in Committee — 2 Comments

  1. Who or what is “Fact Check Illinois”?

    The Illinois Secretary of State corporate records website doesn’t recognize the name? Is it an assumed name registered with the McHenry County Clerk or just a made-up name for this sign, to avoid putting a name to the ownership of the sign content?

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