Walsh Tests Post-Announcement Waters on Fund Raising

An email from the Joe Walsh campaign seeking donations.  As of the last reporting period, he had out raised Randy Hultgren by $105,000.


Dear Friends:

Joe Walsh was filmed in a crowded barber shop for a long feature story.

I need your help. There are only 9 days left until the end of our third finance quarter.

While fighting relentlessly to change the way Washington works, the Democrats keep trying to silence my voice. But friends, you and I both know when I was elected I promised I would not back down.  And I haven’t.

But I need your help.

It is critical you show your support right now.  In the last 9 months we have shaken Washington to its core and proven that the American people will not sit down and be quiet.  The American people want term limits, smaller government and the ability to let the private sector to flourish.

Instead, the current administration has increased the power of the government, created failed stimulus with your tax dollars and continue spending out of control with no end in sight. Washington thinks they know better than the American people.

Yesterday, I announced that I would be running for re-election where I live and most of my current constituents are, the 14th congressional district. But I need your support. This primary battle is a fight for the soul of the Republican party.

Help me keep my voice strong and show that we are serious.  If you can help me raise $10,000 in 10 days, we will send a powerful message to Washington that the American people will NOT back down.  We have a great start but we cannot lose this momentum.

10 days.

Thank you for your continued support,

Joe Walsh
Congressman IL 8th


Walsh Tests Post-Announcement Waters on Fund Raising — 2 Comments

  1. Maybe he should focus less on fundraising and more on his own family?

  2. Cal, you support the guy, obv. However I can’t get my head wrapped around how crazy he sounds (when one listens) He recently claimed that Obama was elected only because he was an articulate black man and appeased “white liberal guilt.” I mean really? if I was writing comedy, I couldn’t come up with a unbelievable character like this.

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