Some Federal Tax Money Returns – $1.6 Million for February Blizzard

It will probably come as no surprise to most that McHenry County taxpayers have more money extracted from their checking accounts than is returned.

But here comes news from county government that we got some back.  When one adds up all the local governments that got money, it totals $1,579,862.50.

McHenry County Receives FEMA Funds for February 2, 2011 Blizzard

Someone in county government thought to take some photos of the response to the February 2011blizzard.

WOODSTOCK, IL – As a result of the one of the worst winter storms in recent memory, McHenry County received a Presidential Disaster Declaration for the February 2, 2011 Blizzard.

The Presidential Disaster Declaration provided the County with public assistance funds to reimburse the extraordinary labor/personnel costs, equipment costs, and consumable materials and supplies available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

While many businesses were closed and residents were snowed in, McHenry County employees worked around the clock to coordinate County snow removal efforts and assist those stranded due to the storm.

Three McHenry County Departments were reimbursed for their expenses for this winter event.

Monies were afforded to the

  • McHenry County Sheriff’s Office ($25,604.96),
  • McHenry County Division of Transportation ($170,553.05), and to
  • McHenry County Facilities Management ($10,819.20).

McHenry County received a total of $206,977.21. County-wide, local entities received $1,579,862 through the Presidential Disaster Declaration.

[But, there is much more, as you can see at the bottom of this press release.]

While the dedicated effort of employees allowed the County to get back up and running after the blizzard subsided, it was also an opportunity for McHenry County to test and rethink its Hazards Mitigation Plan.

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The McHenry County Hazards Mitigation Plan was the result of a partnership between County, Municipal, Townships, and public safety entities within the County (serving as the McHenry County Hazard Mitigation Committee) to identify the best storm and hazard management practices to mitigate disasters.

McHenry County Emergency Management Agency will host its first annual review of the McHenry County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan on Thursday, November 10 at 9:00 a.m. in the McHenry County Administration Building – Conference Room B in Woodstock, IL.

The Committee will determine if other mitigation issues or efforts, based on any natural hazard occurrences (such as the winter storm) or input from communities or the public, should be added to the Plan. Information from this meeting will form the basis of the annual report to be submitted to the County Board by the Chairman of this Committee.

Further, McHenry County Emergency Management Coordinating Council will utilize the Hazards Mitigation Plan as a framework for coordinating efforts and County resources, pooling the collective knowledge of all entities within the County to support the ongoing preparation and mitigation for disasters/hazards.

McHenry County Emergency Management Agency Director David Christensen expanded upon the role the Coordinating Council and Hazards Mitigation Plan will have addressing future disasters. “By utilizing the Hazard Mitigation Plan, the Coordinating Council will work to assist those jurisdictions who are lacking resources to do a preliminary damage assessment. As a follow-up to the disasters, we will also review lessons learned here in McHenry County as to what worked well, what didn’t and how to mitigate future damages.”

The McHenry County Emergency Management Coordinating Council meets the fourth Thursday of each month in the McHenry County Administration Building in Woodstock, IL.

For more information on the McHenry County Emergency Management Coordinating Council or Hazards Mitigation Plan, please contact David Christensen at 815-338-6400.

Below is what other McHenry County governments have received:

      Cary CCSD 26 $13,257.38
      Johnsburg School District 12  $6,283.78
      Algonquin, Village of $77,003.08
      McHenry Township Road District $37,618.4
      McHenry Township Road District $3,269.68
      Marian Central Catholic High School $2,842.50
      Bull Valley, Village of $10,192.52
      McHenry County Sheriff’s Office $25,604.96
      Woodstock Fire/Rescue District $1,945.61
      Special Education District of McHenry County $5,883.56
      Cary, Village of $37,392.52
      Crystal Lake, City of $1,377.33
      Crystal Lake, City of $141,794.00
      Fox River Grove, Village of $11,288.31
      Greenwood Township $21,545.03
      Harvard, City of $24,498.76
      Hebron, Village of $11,188.47
      Holiday Hills, Village of $3,013.88
      Huntley, Village of $46,185.59
      Johnsburg, Village of $17,269.04
      Lake in the Hills, Village of $53,656.96
      Lakemoor, Village of 1122-0 $13,836.37
      Lakewood, Village of 593-0 $8,588.66
      McCullom Lake, Village of 625-0 $5,297.94
      McHenry, City of $76,343.85
      Marengo, City of $12,704.45
      Oakwood Hills, Village of $3,098.01
      Prairie Grove, Village of $5,742.61
      Richmond, Village of $13,621.85
      Ringwood, Village of $2,888.87
      Spring Grove, Village of $37,622.89
      Union, Village of $2,158.38
      Wonder Lake, Village of $21,548.52
      Woodstock, City of $143,709.83
      Algonquin Township Road District $56,639.78
      Cary Park District $9,336.47
      McHenry Community High School District 156 $9,657.43
      Harvard Community Unit School District 50 $7,486.37
      McHenry County College $21,700.76
      Alden-Hebron School District 19 $1,732.60
      Consolidated School District 158 $21,163.47
      Community Consolidated Crystal Lake School District $59,387.87
      Wonder Lake Fire Protection District $8,039.96
      Woodstock Community Unit School District 200 $21,795.35
      Nunda Township Road District $53,735.27
      Dunham Township Highway Department $11,503.04
      Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Fire Protection District $3,420.776
      McHenry County Division of Transportation $170,553.05
      Seneca Township Road and Bridge $10,755.65
      McHenry Township Parks Department $2,587.08
      McHenry County Facilities Management $10,819.20
      Riley Township Road District $8,453.00
      Marengo Township Highway Department $13,828.09
      Coral Township Road District $10,433.32
      Fox River Grove CSD 3 $5,653.84
      Grafton Township Road District $13,208.56
      Chemung Township Road District $11,173.28
      Nippersink School District 2 $6,112.73
      McHenry CCSD 15 $12,190.55
      Huntley Fire Protection District $3,602.08
      Mercy Harvard Hospital $1,731.55
      Hartland Township Road District $11,252.44
      Port Barrington, Village of $6,662.86
      Richmond Township Road and Bridge District $14,005.52
      Pioneer Center for Human Services $2,666.25
      Richmond-Burton Comm. High School District 15 $5,841.30
      Hebron Township Road District $13,339.27
      Southeast Emergency Communications $2,192.74
      Community High School District 155 $19,031.58
      McHenry County Conservation District $9,342.50
      Alden Township Road District  $10,608.77
      Dorr Township Highway Department $17,944.50


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  1. Thanks for catching the mistake, citizen editor.

    Spring Grove got $37,622.89.

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