Walsh – Nightmare Before Christmas?

Our four-year old’s grand-nephew’s birthday yesterday was dominated by Spiderman and “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

I haven’t seen the movie and don’t know the story, but the name inspires me to point out that Congressman Joe Walsh has the potential to continue being Congressman Randy Hultgren’s bad dream before (and after) Christmas, if he continues in his primary race in the 14th District.

Similarly, one of two Democrats, Rahm Emanuel favoite Tammy Duckworth or Indian-American aspirant Raja Krishnamoorthi.

Both expect to win the Democratic Party primary election next March 20th, but until last Monday both expected to have a walk to Washington in the fall election.

The Republican nominees are underfunded and not well known.

Duckworth, on the other hand, got plenty of face time when she lost to Congressman Peter Roskam in 2006.  She has been in the public eye as Director of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs under Governor Rod Blagojevich and Assistant Secretary of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs under President Barack Obama.

Krishnamoorthi ran for the Democratic Party nomination for State Comptroller in 2010 and was narrowly beaten by St. Rep. David Miller.

Joe Walsh stands in the middle of the crowd at the Colonial Cafe in St. Charles on Saturday. Photo credit: Bill Baar.

Bill Baar of the blog Bill Baar’s West Side.

Baar writes in his coverage of the Saturday St. Charles Town Hall meeting,

“Walsh responds to question about whether he’ll run in the 8th. It’s a twelve minute answer. If you don’t want to wade through the video, just know he’ll decide and announce next Monday. But it’s twelve minutes of Joe at his finest. Worth watching.”

“They sent people like me to Washington to be bold and do something about it (the fiscal mess),”

Walsh says near the end of the YouTube video.


Walsh – Nightmare Before Christmas? — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks Cal! This was my first time seeing Walsh in action and I left impressed.

    Hope he decides to run in the 8th because he’ll give Duckworth or Raja a good run.

    A don’t think Duckworth’s a shoe in for the Dem side either.

    I think Krishnamoorthi will attract a lot of money from Indians (rightfully I think) expecting some representation.

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