Family PAC Endorses Cliff Surges for State Senate

‘Tis the season for endorsements as the articles being put up today indicate.

Here’s another one, this time a press release from State Senate candidate Cliff Surges, who is contesting with Karen McConnaughay for the new seat that runs from St. Charles to Crystal Lake:

Paul Caprio

Cliff Surges

“Family-PAC, the leading anti-tax, pro-family political action committee in Illinois supports Cliff Surges for Senate. “

“Our organization believes Cliff Surges is highly qualified and committed to our values and advocacy on behalf of taxpayers.” said Paul Caprio, Director of Family-PAC.

Cliff Surges stated, “I am pleased to be approved and supported by a group so committed to low taxes and limited government in Springfield and who believes in protecting family values.”

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For amplification of this article and the misleading nature of its headline, read this.


Family PAC Endorses Cliff Surges for State Senate — 3 Comments

  1. Geez, you’d think the “Family PAC”, “Taxpayer Watchdog” group would know their boy can’t seem to pay his freakin taxes…

    Personal, corporate, anything for that matter… Gimme a break.

    If the guy was truly selfless he’d have paid his taxes instead of “loaning” his campaign money to line his pockets with his first government salary and pension…

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