Senate Sponsor of Jack Franks’ Property Tax Cap Bill Says It’s “Dead on Arrival”

Yesterday, McHenry County Blog noted that State Rep. Jack Franks’ bill was “headline” bill, that is one, that was put up to garner local press, but never intended to be enacted.

In fact, I quoted a state legislator close to the Illinois Municipal League to the effect that the bill was going nowhere.

Now the proof.

The Ilnois Municipal League logo. The motto is "Educate, Advocate, Empower."

Look what is on the Illinois Municipal League’s web site:

Senator Link Message on Property Tax Legislation

By Joe McCoy, Legislative Director, IML

State Senator Terry Link has asked the IML to make our membership aware that he has no intention of advancing a PTELL provision opposed by communities across the state. SB 2073, as amended in the House, proposes to prevent non-home rule local governments from capturing inflationary increases through the property tax if the overall assessed valuation within the local government jurisdiction has declined from that of the prior year. Senator Link’s statement is below.

The IML would like to thank Senator Link for his opposition to the House amendment.

Terry Link

Dear friend,

When I introduced Senate Bill 2073, the original intent of the bill was to require the Property Tax Appeal Board to issue a decision within one year from the date the appeal was received.

However, once the bill passed over to the House, Representative Jack Franks signed on as the chief sponsor.

He then amended the measure with house amendment 6, a hostile amendment which essentially limits local municipalities’ authority to levy a tax based on the needs of the community and student population, removing local control.

I am sending this letter to inform you I DO NOT SUPPORT Representative Frank’s amendment.

I will hold this measure in the Senate and make sure it never comes to a vote.

I share your concerns and appreciate your interest in the matter.

The measure is dead on arrival.

You should know that there is another bill in the General Assembly that is similar to Senate Bill 2073.

I recently learned of Senate Bill 2862, which is similar to the amendment Representative Franks placed on my legislation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to my Springfield office.


Terry Link
State Senator, 30th Legislative District

In the past there has been tension between Link and Franks.


Senate Sponsor of Jack Franks’ Property Tax Cap Bill Says It’s “Dead on Arrival” — 4 Comments

  1. The missing Link-

    AWOL, DOA.

    Empty suit.

    Does incompetence get any more apparent than this?

  2. Why does one senator have the power to “hold this measure in the Senate and make sure it never comes to a vote”?

    This is one reason the state of Illinois is in such a financial mess.

  3. If this bill gets out into the public consciousness, as in widely advertised, nothing will stop its passage.

    Any politician voting with corrupt superintendent associations and the Municipal League of fleecing property tax payers will lose their next election or primary.

    The looming public employee retirements across the state, particularly in Cook Co., make this bill an absolute imperative for passage.

    Someone needs to put the local governments (school districts in particular) in the squeeze they so richly deserve.

    Will the cap hurt?

    Yes, but it will hurt those who deserve it. If it doesn’t pass, we will have crashing property values and an exodus from homes, as rising levies drive people from their homes and from Illinois.

    If this bill gets widely talked about and promoted, it will pass.

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