McConnaughay Pounds Surges on Late Real Estate Tax Payments

A press release from State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay about her opponent Cliff Surges:

Karen McConnaughay Congratulates Opponent for Rare On-Time Tax Payment

Cliff Surges meets property tax payment deadline for first time since 2006

Karen McConnaughay

St. Charles, Illinois—State Senate candidate Karen McConnaughay (R Cand-33) today congratulated her opponent, Cliff Surges, for paying his property taxes on-time. This basic act of responsibility, for most people a routine occurrence, is a significant milestone for Mr. Surges, who has been delinquent in paying property taxes on his Kane County home and Chicago office on 25 separate occasions since 2002.  (Emphasis in the original in all cases.)

Over the last decade, Surges’ home went to tax sale for delinquency in 2008 and the taxes on his office have been overdue for as long as 18 months. In total, Surges has paid over $6,600 in fines for delinquent taxes.

Surges attempted to explain his chronic delinquency on his home real estate taxes in a January 22, 2012 press release, saying that he was addressing the issue because “transparency, accountability and restoring the public trust are the most important things.” Ironically, Surges neglected to disclose that he was also, at that very moment, delinquent on $4,500 in property taxes and penalties owed on his Chicago office – a property for which he has not made an on-time tax payment since 2006.

Surges blames his habitual late tax payments on “cash flow” issues. In 2011, Surges was delinquent on the June 1 and September 1 tax payments owed on his home. By September 30, Surges’ “cash flow” had apparently improved to a point where he was able to loan his campaign $15,000. But just one month after writing his campaign a giant check, Surges missed the November 1 tax payment on his Chicago office, a payment he did not bother to make until after he admitted to tax delinquencies on his home.

“This attitude—of paying bills only when it’s convenient and mismanaging funds is exactly what caused the fiscal crisis in Springfield,” said McConnaughay. “I’ve run a business, and you have to pay your bills on time, taxes included. And now that he is seeking public office, he’s found a way to live up to his obligation.”

“It is important to note that this my opponent raised this issue himself when he issued a press release trying to explain this troubling pattern,” said McConnaughay. “But, frankly, his explanation raised more questions than it answered and indicates a troubling disregard for the rules.”
Delinquent Property Tax Payments-Cliff Surges

Property Taxes—Personal Residence  Parcel # 02-24-478-XXX-Gilberts, Illinois

16 Delinquent payments since 2002 Tax Year

Source: Kane County Treasurer’s Office

Tax Year               Payment Due    Payment Made                 Fines Paid

2002                       6/3/2003              9/3/2003                        $110.23

                               9/3/2003              9/3/2003                              n/a

2003                       6/14/2004            10/13/2004                      149.70

                               9/14/2004            10/13/2004                        37.42

2004                       6/1/2005              10/3/2005                        188.26

                               9/1/2005              10/3/2005                          75.30

2005                       6/1/2006              9/1/2006                           137.52

                               9/1/2006              9/1/2006                               n/a

2006                       6/1/2007              9/10/2007                         182.51

                               9/1/2007              9/10/2007                           45.62

2007                       6/2/2008              Tax Sale                             227.83

                               9/2/2008              Tax Sale                               91.13

2008                       6/1/2009              10/21/2009                        237.08

                               9/1/2009              10/21/2009                          94.83

2009                       6/1/2010              9/13/2010                          201.56

                               9/1/2010              9/13/2010                            50.39

2010                       6/1/2011              9/12/2011                          215.20

                               9/1/2011              9/12/2011                            53.80

Property Taxes—Business Office  Parcel # 14-30-200-047-XXXX-Chicago, Illinois

9 Delinquent payments since 2006 Tax Year

Source: Cook County Treasurer’s Office

              Cook County Clerk’s Office

Tax Year               Payment Due    Payment Made                 Fines Paid

2006                       12/3/2007            3/1/2008                      $297.54

                                                           7/15/2008                         22.30 (Balance Due)

2007                       3/4/2008              7/1/2009                        793.44

                               11/3/2008            7/1/2009                         388.24

2008                       3/3/2009              7/14/2010                       834.02

                              12/1/2009            7/14/2010                       400.32

                                                           8/9/2011                           99.10 (Balance Due)

2009                       3/2/2010              7/13/2011                       872.16

                               12/13/2010         7/13/2011                        539.42

2010                       4/1/2011              8/9/2011                          3   

                               11/1/2011            1/25/2012                        194.79

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