Andy Zinke’s Salary Progression

After reading Undersheriff Andy Zinke’s salary in the last post on McHenry County employee salaries, I thought some might be interested in his salary history.

The Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund was kind enough to provide the following:

Andy Zinke's salary

Andy Zinke’s salary

All but one month of Zinke’s credited time was with the Sheriff’s Department.

The Village of Algonquin time ran from  December 1st through December 14th, 1987.


Andy Zinke’s Salary Progression — 16 Comments

  1. I’m sure the imrf would be able to provide Bill Prim’s information as well.

  2. ‘Tis sickening this twerp makes this kind of money, and for what??

  3. This is the going salary of an administrator that supervises over 400 employees with 25 years of experience in the same department (company) that holds a master degree.

    This sounds like the man we want as our Sheriff to lead our county for the next 25 years.

  4. Fukoku, do not even compare Zinke to someone who has earned a Masters Degree, he has earned the want attention degree . . . the Zinke behavior has been to the degree of incompetence.

  5. “Fukoku” You really need to get in touch with reality.

    He couldn’t even pass the sergeants exam and Zinke does not have a Masters degree.

    What college?

    I am of the opinion that the way he and Keith Nygren have led the Sheriffs Department is complete mockery..

    The only thing I see is the Nygren and Zinke Circus and one side show attraction after another…

    That salary is not justified….

  6. An announcement was released on Zinke for Sheriff Facebook that he completed his studies and received his M.B.A. from Aurora University in December 2013.

    As for the sergeant’s exam, considering the source, we all know that those documents were forgeries to discredit Undersheriff Andrew Zinke.

  7. No “Fukoku” those documents were not forgeries.

    There you go again slandering someone. Have you not learned your lesson?

    I would like to see the diploma..

    Andy received a degree in leadership?

    He really needs to go back to school for a refresher.

    Based on the way he has run his own campaign, it does not appear that he learned much…

    And, there appears to a be some dissension amongst the ranks over at the Sheriffs Department because the men and women he leads do not all support him.

    His followers are part of the same posse that broke into my home and then ran when they realized they were being videotaped by the security system in my home.

    They are also the same group that beat up the Pavlins and then Keith and Andy had every excuse they could find to validate their actions…

    I have also seen that same group of men, while they harassed a groups of individuals on RR 31..,

    They have quit a reputation because they have harassed and intimidated others.

    So talk about Police misconduct, there you have it.

  8. Yes Duncan, those documents were forgeries until they are proven not to be.

    As for slandering someone, you need to worry about yourself in this area my friend as so many of you have committed slander according to The Bianchi Philosophy.

    In fact, I have just paid my attorney’s first invoice for preparing my defense and for documenting the last six months of itemizing posting on this blog.

    One of many of your postings you may find to be of interest to you is when you stated that “Sheriff Nygren asked someone to kill Dave Bachman because he was upset about Daves blog and the revelations of the Sheriffs Department and potential illegal activities.”

    The statement that you made several times that was pointed out to me by my attorney’s documentation, I found to be very interesting, “I have the inside scoop,” as you clearly state to have a link to Bianchi and his office.

    We will soon find out how close you are to Bianchi and his office.

  9. “Fukoku” No the documents were not forgeries….

    Another slanderous statement by you…

    Good luck with that as I do not even live in the State of Illinois.

    So if you want the expense of going after me, you go girl..

    In the mean time, I am sure Bianchi and Company will keep you busy in civil court…

    Let’s just hope you get the same, as what you have done to Zane Seipler, Lou Bianchi, and others…

    The truth will eventually come out…

  10. I would say you were commenting like you had half a brain, but that wouldn’t be fair, would it?

  11. Tighten up the tin foil hats.

    First, Zinke was promoted to Sergeant after in part passing the Sergeants exam.

    Second, he has earned and has a Masters Degree.

    It is pure delusion for team Prim supporters to continue to pretend like neither of these things happened.

  12. They are not going after you Duncan, they are just interested in your connection with Bianchi and his office as you have stated to have on so many occasions.

    If your statement is true that you do not even live in the State of Illinois puts you in a real compromising position, because you have no rights as a non-resident of McHenry County to make slanderous statements that does not involves you as a member of this community.

    You even don’t have the power to vote in this county to make any changes that you are bitching about.

  13. “Fukoku” Return to the Cuckoos Nest where you belong…

    While you are there you might want to think about finishing that book of yours “Political Campaigning for Dummies”

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