Bill Prim Ahead of Andy Zinke on Facebook “Likes”

A press release from the campaign of McHenry County Sheriff candidate Bill Prim:


If “likes” and page-clicks were votes, Bill Prim would be the Republican candidate for McHenry Sheriff by a landslide, the campaign said Monday.

While they’re not the same, the wide and growing margin over his opponent in the social media sector shows that the Prim campaign is getting its message out, and the audience is highly receptive.

Facebook logoOn February 16, the Prim for Sheriff Campaign Facebook page passed a critical benchmark: 1,000 “likes” since the page went up in September 2012.

Opponent Zinke’s campaign page is a very distant second at 353.

To provide some perspective, the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office official Facebook page was established in March 2009 and four years later had garnered 1,800 “likes.”

The Bill Prim page reached the 1,000 mark in a year and a half.

The official McHenry County government Facebook page has only been liked 278 times since its inception.

Likewise, the Prim Campaign video was posted to YouTube  (see text here) just 11 days ago and has reached 14,000 Internet users in one form or another, e.g.,

  • viewed 490 times on YouTube,
  • 500 times on Facebook and
  • forwarded or linked to another 13,000 potential or actual viewers
Bill Prim

Bill Prim

“I’m very proud of the job our social media volunteers have done in spreading our message of reform and renewal,” Prim said.

“While I realize that it’s voters who are the final judges of success in any campaign, I am gratified that our campaign is resonating with Internet users.

“If they are engaged in the issues, all the better for the future of McHenry County.”

Other social media results show that in 2014 alone, the Prim Campaign Facebook page has

  • been clicked on by 3,446 viewers;
  • been viewed in one form or another by almost 48,000 users; and
  • displayed a whopping 96,606 times.

At the same time, many viewers have responded positively to Prim Campaign drives to forward Prim Campaign information and links to their Facebook friends and other contacts.

Please visit our Facebook page at

= = = = =
Watch the video below:


Bill Prim Ahead of Andy Zinke on Facebook “Likes” — 42 Comments

  1. I guess we will see how this translates into votes, or not.

    Theoretically, if we ran a sex offender for sheriff, there would be a lot of page hits where people came to see the freak show, so I am not sure page hits are the right metric.

  2. Lol To Prim releasing a press release concerning Facebook likes. What an amateur move.

  3. Ookay Duncan. Looks like you didn’t learn anything from Preist’s lashing yesterday.

  4. Interesting that I just watched a video on Facebook likes being bogus.

    Is there something I am missing, here?

    Is Facebook the ‘be all end all’ of our mundane existence?

    I don’t get where anyone is going with this.

  5. You are right Cindy.

    But that’s only if you buy likes or if you buy ads.

    No way to know if Prim did or not.

    Regardless, a press release for likes is a joke.

  6. I wonder how many likes were from people like Duncan that do not live in McHenry County and cannot even vote.

  7. Studies show that facebook has effected a lot of races.

    Getting the name out.

    If it is sooo useless, why is Zinke doing it at all??

  8. My point was not that it was useless. My point was that it is worthless.

  9. “Fair Play” Have you not learned anything?

    Your words are meaningless.

    As for “Priest” he is nothing more than an entertainer and side show attraction, from the Nygren and Zinke Circus.

    Further, you and your buddy “Priest continue to make McHenry County a mockery..
    ashing?… LOL

    …More like a laughable bully and part of that infamous “Posse” from the Sheriffs Department..

  10. Well folks, nothing to see here, just Duncan demonstrating the psychological concept of projection.

    He probably suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder and that, truthfully (and sadly), is not a dig.

    I pity him.

  11. I would also like to say that if Prim were genuine about his ‘likes,’ he would demonstrate what percentage are actually from McHenry County, which is entirely possible by accessing the data through his Facebook settings.

    Statistics can be skewed to suit any one opinion.

  12. More Facebook likes? LOL…

    I mean all that probably means are his kids are old enough to have a bunch of friends on Facebook and Zinke’s aren’t.

    I don’t care who you are, that press release is funny.

  13. Priest and fairplay, ..When Zinke loses, there will be no more free ride for you.

    Your take home car, and that so called EEOC position will no longer be needed. Mr Prim will restore the Sheriffs Office back to the citizens of McHenry County.

    Lets not forget that July 1st day when zinke was the k-9 …Last clue i gave you,

  14. “Fair Play” Your words are actionable…. Now the fun begins…

  15. “Fair Play” The Regime is out in force today…

    They are worried that Bill Prim will win.

    Sure hope you are in that famous video showing the Sheriffs Department breaking into my home and then running out the door when they finally realized they were being video taped… lol… it just doesn’t look good…

  16. Yeah, not really Duncan. Just checked with my lawyer.

    You can’t sue me for libel if no one even knows who you are.

    Good try though.

  17. Apparently “The Facts State” is a little light on facts.

    If you have paid attention at all you would know I have stayed on the sidelines of this race and endorsed neither candidate.

    However, since the intelligent people I know in the Prim camp are unwilling or incapable of controlling the whacko wing of their supporters I’ll chime in now.

    I have supported neither because I am not one of these people who seems to think one person can be the salvation or destruction of the entire county.

    However, if Joe Arpaio ran I’d vote for him twice.

    Joe understands the Sheriff’s office of any area is beholden to The People of that area and not powerful wealthy investors in a campaign or former Sheriffs and their policies.

    The Sheriff is The People’s protector unlike municipal police who are trained thugs today or federal agents trained to believe citizens are domestic terrorists.

    Bill Prim was in a position of some authority and power for a department infamous for its wide ranging violations of the 1st, 4th and 5th amendments.

    Andy Zinke’s claim to fame seems to be he has risen through the ranks of our own Sheriff’s office. Both have quantifiable achievements and weaknesses.

    I worry about another municipal cop taking the job of Sheriff.

    I worry about the clear schism in the department under the current administration.

    When the choices are between those two worries it hardly matters at all who you vote for in the end.

    I pray the one who wins will endeavor to bring the office back to decent morale and then teach the deputies

    The People are who they protect rather than victimize.

    That would be a great start.

    We won’t know if our choice was a decent one for several years after the election so vote your conscience.

    Don’t let any single comment or action influence you more than your own gut.

    Certainly not the vacuously stupid comments of some in the both camps.

    They certainly do NOT represent the bulk of both side’s supporters well.

  18. The facts state… support a sheriff that would send the department back thirty years to the let’s share a squad days, while progressive departments are moving toward take home cars.

    Every sheriff and the ISP utilize them in a Northern Illinois.

    What you are saying is Prim is vindictive and narrow minded.

    He obviously doesn’t know a hoot about budgets.

    He overstated the increases by 100 percent.

    This is our next sheriff?

  19. “GulfGuy” I am sick and tired of those famous TV game shows “let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is RIght”

    Yes, Prim is the man for the job..

    Frankly, I don’t want my children sitting in some lawyers office, some day, asking them to pay off a Judge in exchange for custody.

    Change has to start somewhere and Prim has integrity and he is the right man for the job…

    Andy has shown the public his true colors over and over again during that thing he calls a campaign.

    He flipped Cal the finger and then had his blog shut down because of false accusations…

    Andy Zinke has demonstrated over and over again that he is not capable of being Sheriff.

    First, that famous finger shows that he has no self control.

    Secondly, shutting down Cal’s blog shows how vindictive he really is.

    That, by the way, is passive aggressive behavior.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    And, Andy Zinke has spoken over and over again and proved himself to be an unworthy candidate for Sheriff..

    Say no to the shenanigans of Andy Zinke and let’s welcome Bill Prim March 18, 2014

  20. Duncan it’s only libel if people knew who you are.

    According to the phone book, there are no Duncan’s in McHenry.

    Get a life and for all the hate you spew….

    Iff you can’t take it, don’t dish it,

  21. Duncan you are some piece of work!

    So is your White Knight Prim going to get rid of your supposedly corrupt judge?

    Please tell me how.

    You and your delusions.

    Please tell me how the Sheriff oversees the judiciary.

    Andy and his finger.

    What an issue.

    Rest your finger on the door frame and people imagine things.

    Again delusional.

    If Prim was such a hero, why isn’t his old department rallying around him. What’s in his DesPlaines closet?

    If he needs or allows people like you to campaign and speak for him, he is morally and devoid of integrity himself.

  22. “Gulf Guy” Who said it was just one Judge?


    Corruption runs really deep in McHenry County and it does not come down to that one Judge..

    Your statements are misleading..

    Those famous TV shows games “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right” have going on for years…

    You are delusional because you live in a fantasy world where you think there should be no accountability.

    That is delusional.

    I never said that the Sheriffs Department overseas the Judiciary.

    But they are connected and they do work together….

    Everyone is speaking for the truth and the hope for change is with Bill Prim…

    Saying he is morally devoid of integrity is not only a lie it is actionable.

    Choose your words wisely…

    Andy has conducted himself as a complete buffoon during this campaign and Bill Prim has acted with complete morality and integrity…

    You don’t see him giving his finger or trying to shut down blogs with false allegations.

    Andy, is the expert when in comes to those shenanigans….

    Vote for integrity, vote for the Government our people deserve. Vote for Bill Prim march 18, 2014

  23. Integrity?

    Zinke has run a campaign completely about what he has done, what his education/experience is, and what he would do moving forward.

    Prim has led a campaign where supporters launch vile personal attacks and feel free to go after family members with no attempt to stop from Prim, based on a narrative mostly started by a guy who admits to falsifying a document by signing saying a passenger was a driver and has been found by a Federal court to have lied under oath in his attacks on the Sheriff’s dept., where he whines his opponent won’t debate him because the opponent wanted the debate choice to be someone who did not donate money to either candidate, and yes his major backer is in a silly lawsuit to try to silence critics.

    I know about all the mud Prim and his team have slung and both the questionable sources and the data that has been shown to be completely wrong but we are all still pretty clueless on what he would actually do.

  24. Zinke has made a complete mockery of the electoral process…

    He proved it when he gave his middle finger at a public parade and then shut down Cal’s blog with false allegations..

    You can’t handle the fact the the truth about McHenry County Government, has been disclosed to the people…

    It’s about time Bianchi filed a law suit. He has been slandered over and over again on this blog. The attacks were malicious and unfounded…

    The FBI informed me that it would take an insider to create change in McHenry County.

    Those insiders, are Scott Milliman and Zane Seipler and Lou Bianchi..

    No matter how much the Zinke camp try to invalidate their claims, it does not matter because they have revealed the truth.

    And, you are doing nothing but trying to shut us up, because you don’t want the people to have the real story….

    Corruption is real in McHenry County.

  25. Duncan is in contact with the FBI?!


    Who is this guy and what planet is he from?!

  26. Hey you can laugh all you want…

    You are the delusional one supporting Andy Zinke…

    Don’t you have some famous TV show like “Let’s Make a Deal” or “The Price is Right” to watch?

    They are apparently your favorite TV games shows.

    Better yet go help Andy Zinke out of that BIG FAT HOLE” he has dug for himself.

    The real question “What planet are you from “Fair Play?”

    You are definitely from the Zinke camp and a dedicated member of the “Regime”

    Andy Zinke, should be embarrassed about the way he has run his campaign.

    In fact, he will make the history books as not a viable candidate for Sheriff, but for his shenanigans during his own campaign.

    The laughable part is that he fully expects the public to support him after all of his shenanigans.

    Let me tell you, Andy has done a lot of bad things during his campaign and there is no college degree that will ever be able to make up for it..

    He is the one that made himself look like the laughing stock of McHenry County.

    Don’t expect him to own it, because he has not accepted responsibility for anything..

    Sure hope he is not out trying to garner more votes,,

    Well unless he could use the exercise after eating all of that popcorn.

    It sure looks that way.

    And, where were you this summer Judge Gordon Graham?

    You didn’t have anytime to appear in any of the parades?

    Whatsa matter Judge, you can’t face the public? WOW!

    We all know why…

    You have been eating just too much of that popcorn during those famous TV games shows.

    Fat and happy, are you?

    That is obvious.

  27. @anotherwatcher – c’mon you aren’t the least bit entertained by Duncan?

    @Duncan – Way to just say what I said.

  28. Duncan, you have a BIG mouth that is powerless without the power to vote, because you are not even a resident of McHenry County.

    YOU go away and harass your own community!

  29. Fukoku, I think you are nothing more than a Copy Cat!!!!

    Fair Play has nothing better to do and you look for something to copy for attention.

  30. “Fukoku” Go back to your Cuckoos Nest.

    You have a case to prepare.

    If you are able to remember, Lou Bianchi filed a civil suit against you for defamation…..

    You have no credibility Fukoku…

    Bianchi is going to show the world that you defamed him.

    Just watch, he will win.

    Sure hope you’ve had enough popcorn.

  31. IF, in fact, any of you catch an actual court case for commenting on a blog site please keep the rest of us up to date.

    I WILL show up.

    I don’t fear a petty public figure who wants to use his position, power and wealth to silence even the most vulgar of commenters.

    I certainly don’t fear a moronic commenter who would definitely be sued if this were a reasonable pursuit in the real world.

    Free speech, however vulgar, uninformed, idiotic, persistent, childish or unnecessary, is still protected under the Constitution.

    I don’t want to hear about how libelous or defamatory some people’s comments may be when it pertains to a public figure.

    This has been adjudicated multiple times and Lou Bianchi’s case is beyond wanting for facts to meet that bar.

    It is a bald attempt to over reach the sensible bounds of the law and his position to silence an offensive commenter.

    Frankly, the way to silence them is to ignore them.

    They are like little fragile flowers who, without the suns rays and attention, will curl up and die without notice.

    I do find it interesting the self same people who scream about a return to constitutional values as our founding father’s wrote them fail in the Free Speech category.

    Can you imagine Jefferson getting so angry he decided to sue Hamilton?

    They HATED one another and were publicly vulgar about this feeling but were men enough to walk away from stupid fruitless revenge minded court cases.

    One may be defined by their enemies as well as their friends.

    Anyone seeking relief from a blog commenter through the court will not only be bitterly disappointed but will be shown to be the tiny little insignificant people they truly are and they should be pitied.

  32. “Priest” Go get em Lou Bianchi!…. Go Lou Bianchi!..Go!……… Go! GO! GO!

    Lou’s case does meet the bar, and he will win..

    Can’t wait until “Fukoku” has to show their face…

    That’s gonna be the best day of life…..

    You moronic commentator “Priest”

    You sound like a babbling schizophrenic…

    If you are trying to impress everyone with your verbiage it is not working….

    It’s just verbiage that has no meaning, because it comes from you… Your time would be better served in Judge Grahams Chambers watching “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Price is Right”

    Don’t be eating too much popcorn, as it has affected your ego and your brain…lol..

    Besides your getting fat and happy….

  33. Duncan, so many bogglers have gone around and around with you trying to win a senseless debate with you.

    I say senseless because you have lost every debate here because you can’t vote in McHenry County and your opinion is also pointless because you don’t live here.

    The other facts are that Undersheriff Andrew Zinke will be elected as the next Sheriff of McHenry County and you can’t even vote against him.

    I am done with you outsider.

  34. Fukoku, I hope you went to bed after your last comment, you are wasting space on this blog!

    If Zinke wins like you predict, then there will be many watching him.

  35. “Fukoku” Good to know…. Don’t want to hear from you again….

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