April 4th Election Next

With today being the date for the Republican Primary Elections in Algonquin, Grafton and Nunda Townships, other local governments will see action on April 4th.

That includes the real taxers–schools–plus municipalities, park, fire protection, library, junior college and other miscellaneous districts.

Already circulating is the following palm card for Michael Stanard, running for the Woodstock City Council:

The front of Michael Stanard’s palm card.

The back of Michael Stanard’s palm card.


April 4th Election Next — 7 Comments

  1. What is the candidate’s position on:

    1. 12 year extension of WOODSTOCK TIF with Woodstock property tax rate 4.6%?

    2. Woodstock City spending with Woodstock property tax rate 4.6% and Woodstock City portion above 2% of EAV, second highest municipal rate in McHenry County?

    3.Woodstock paying over $70,000 to a lobbyist

  2. Prim, Althoff & Reick endorsements aren’t worth much …… actually, they lead me to vote against the guy.

    Who want’s ‘standard’?

    that like saying “I’m average” ….

  3. I think I remember him coming to City Council to advocate for an outdoor smoking ban, but I’m not really sure how he wants to make the government smaller.

  4. Not that it’s a big issue and I don’t mean to push back in anyway, but I would like voters to know that the standard oil trademark parity used on my promotional material was used with specific written permission from the owner.

    It is curious, and somewhat surprising no doubt, that the 1940′ vintage icon is still in use after all the time that has passed all the permutations that standard Oil, Amoco and BP have been throughout the years.

    it is now owned by a small Texas specialty petroleum product company.

    I obtained written. permission to create the “visual parody” for my campaign literature. in fact the owner wish me well in my election

    I did put a qualifying statement on the graphics but I may have made the type to small.

    As a marketing design professional for over 35 years I am keenly aware of the copyright and trademark laws and have dealt with major corporations and attended to the legalities in terms of trademarks, ingredients statements ,nutritional statements in exact in detail.

    Further , It may be that may be that some people maybnot distinguish that our surname had no “D” in the middle… S T A N A R D .( this is not the first time in my life this is happened :-))

    Regard my positions on the issues facing Woodstock, I have prepared what I hope are thoughtful responses to the Woodstock Independent questionnaire,and will be a part of the candidate later this month.

    I am happy to take any phone calls . I’m interested in what concerned voters have to say on the various topics

    I have some thoughts on each. However I’m learning more details and will do my very best to make an informed intelligent decision that will be in the best interest of everyone in the community.

    I welcome telephone calls at my office: 815-337-2037 or on my cell 847-209-0481


    Michael Stanard

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