NWH Paints Bigger Target on Steve Andersson’s Back Than Tribune

Having his photo on the front page of the Chicago Tribune being thanked by House Speaker Mike Madigan wasn’t bad enough for State Rep. Steven Andersson.

The more or less local House member’s district goes into McHenry County in the Sun City area.

Why is the Northwest Herald’s tabloid front page worse that the Tribune’s?

It’s the accompanying headline:

Tax and Spend

Northwest Herald’s front page featuring House Speaker Mike Madigan shaking hands with Republican State Rep. Steve Andersson.

You know that is going to end up in a Republican Primary Election hit piece, if Andersson decides to run again.


NWH Paints Bigger Target on Steve Andersson’s Back Than Tribune — 3 Comments

  1. This chucklehead actually thinks he’s taken some kind of courageous stand by his yes vote.

    As far as I’m concerned, he’s the worst form of a political coward and typical of an Illinois Republican.

    I’ll find a video of my Tex. Legislators scuffling and chasing down Dems at last session and send to him.

    Maybe this old gadfly will begin to grow a spine.

    Or would he say they don’t know how to run a State, with their balanced budget, spending cuts and $10 B plus Rainy Day Fund?

  2. Here’s what King Michael I was caught heard saying to his vassal:

    “Good work, Steve! I’ll take care of ya when the evil GOP Conservatives come for you with their pitchforks and torches …. they are a dying out any way. Soon, my Faustian Mission will be complete – the end of the two party system! Then we can take off the masks and hoist up the new state flag I designed way back with Lee Daniels in ’93:”


    2nd choice deemed too “in-your-face” by Rich Miller of Capital Fax:


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