Dan Proft’s McHenry Times Screws Up

Take a look at this screen shot from McHenry Times, a publication financed by Dan Proft:

This article found in the McHenry Times, a publication from Dan Proft, assumes that State Senator Pam Althoff is running for re-election and that McHenry County Board member Craig Wilcox is running against her. In reality, Althoff is retiring and Wilcox is running against fellow County Board member John Reinert.

Other than getting Wilcox’ opponent wrong, the article gives favorable treatment to Wilcox.


Dan Proft’s McHenry Times Screws Up — 22 Comments

  1. Wait… you mean a fake newspaper got things wrong?

    Shocking, I tell you.

  2. Dan Proft’s papers bring local news but sometimes make mistakes.

    They are a counter to the Northwest Herald which has seemingly never printed a critical article about Jack Franks, and then Jack Franks hired their reporter Kevin Craver.

  3. What “paper” makes their “journalists” sign NDAs and gives them Facebook quotes to weave into their “stories.”

  4. Proft’s critics, left and right, resent that he has been an effective Conservative advocate and organizer for several years.

    He is also the most visible Conservative in the state.

  5. Charlie, you are right about Dan Proft, with his years in politics, he is showing more wisdom.

    Anyone becoming active in the field of Politics, you need all the wisdom, you can muster up.

  6. Mark is right.

    Kevin Craver, aka ‘Fair Play’ you’ve been outed!

  7. Only this sunshine blog is flawless…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  8. Sure Winter, and a month ago you said I was Oliver Serafini.

    So which is it?

    Let’s focus on the real story.

    Proft is operating a shady ‘news’ organization that acts as an arm of the ILGOP and does free advertising without campaigns needing to disclose on D2’s.

    Is it illegal?


    Is it ethical?

    Definitely not.

  9. As far as most of us are concerned, the NW Herald is fake news.

  10. Craver (Phony Fair Play): Get a real life and quit trolling her for your pettifogging master!

  11. There are three certainties in life: Death, Taxes, and OldManWinter posting something racist or antisemetic.

  12. Mark the NW rag won’t say anything negative about JFcause if you look at the front page every day you’ll see his face.

    They can’t bite one of the only hands that feeds em.

  13. One of the features of the McHenry Times is its Tracker articles which list meeting dates, times, and agendas of some local units of government.

    Another feature is real estate stories about the sales price of local properties including the most recent property taxes paid on that property, the property taxes as a percentage of sales price, and the previous selling price of the property.


  14. There’s a new “journalist” at the McHenry Times. LInk: https://mchenrytimes.com/author/meg-shannon

    Her name is Meg Shannon: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meg-shannon-324895/

    She’s from New York. I hear her favorite aspect of McHenry County is the county fair. She also enjoys the changing of the leaves despite being in New York. In her free time, she loves the Real Housewives of New York, where she lives, which is not in McHenry County, yet readers like Mark are seemingly OK with that.

  15. The sunshine blogger is the only real journalist I know of. All the rest are fake journalists. That story on political signs from centuries ago really made an impression on me…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  16. Yea, sorry to disappoint, I’m not Kevin.

    Great job ignoring my point though. Below is proof Proft outsources to out of state/country ‘journalists.” Click the link to the Fake McHebry Times article, then look at the independent journalist I found online.

    Angela Underwood authored the below post:

    Angela Underwood is a freelance writer from New York.

    Glenn Minnis writes for the “paper.” He too is from New York.

    S. Justin Stoltzfus hails from Pennsylvania:

    Caitlin Nordahl lives in Kenya and writes for a McHenry County Paper!

    Claudia Balthazar, New York:

    Allison Shirk: Daytona Beach:

    Robert Lawson: Minnesota

    Taryn Phaneuf – Not from McHenry County either:

    Strange – NONE of the “McHenry Times” ghost writers are from McHenry County……..

  17. Our sunshine blogger is not merely a ghost writer; he is more like a mummy storyteller…tic, tock, tic, tock…

  18. “Fairplay” What the hell are you talking about?

    “There are three certainties in life: Death, Taxes, and OldManWinter posting something racist or antisemetic”

    I don;t get it?

  19. Always entertaining to read when racists “do not get” the racist posts. Can you see the United States Congress turning blue? Lean forward…Tic, tock, tic, tock…

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