Week After Election NWH Notices Defining Element–Anonymous Hit Pieces from Jack Franks’ Allies

Joe Tirio photoshopped.to look like the father in “The Incredibles.”

The Northwest Herald could not bother to write an article about the hit pieces the allies of Jack Franks were sending out to defame his Republican political opponents before the election, but decided to put it on the front page two Wednesdays after the election.

The paper discovered that a printing house used by Mike Madigan, Jack Franks and other Democrats, Breaker Press, did the work.

The same company that printed Mary McClellan’s final piece.


Week After Election NWH Notices Defining Element–Anonymous Hit Pieces from Jack Franks’ Allies — 27 Comments

  1. Well, the question for the local county newspaper should be, “What did they (newspaper) know and WHEN did they know it?”

  2. My $3.76 bid to acquire a controlling interest in the NWH failed. Should have sweetened deal with $5 WalMart gift card and a Postage Stamp.

  3. The REAL question is, when is the Northwest Herald going down? As long as there is a sunshine blog, never. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  4. I think it’s safe to say McClellan and her girlfriend Dalton are Democrats of the Crook County sort.

    I laughed out loud when I saw Dem Jack Franks comment when he ‘denies any knowledge’ of the outfit putting out these lies but ‘commended their mailers.’

    o there you go folks. . . .
    Franks commends (admires) Liars. wow!

  5. The H__l with the Herald; they’re not the problem and are basically irrelevant. The PROBLEM is Franks and his typical Democratic actions learned from Madigan and Chicago politics. You, the voters of this County are to blame; you closed you eyes and let the lemmings lead you off the cliff. Congratulations! Proud of yourselves yet?

  6. They didn’t seem to have any trouble running their own hit pieces against D6 candidates where they dredged up old stories and ran them right before the election.

  7. Here is the link and content to Komenda’s article.

    “Political insiders use the term to describe funds used to influence voters and sway elections.

    Dark money comes from a secret source, and it’s distributed by untraceable groups with mysterious names.

    Names such as Illinois Integrity Fund.

    The group sent multiple mailers before the March primary attacking several Republican candidates running for McHenry County offices.

    With no record of the Illinois Integrity Fund on file, the Illinois State Board of Elections reached out to the group with a letter. It has received no reply.

    Candidates targeted in the mailers are comparing the attacks to the smash-mouth political strategies of Chicago Democrats.

    “Michael Madigan tactics are being brought here to McHenry County to disparage any opposition to the agenda of who these people are,” said McHenry County Board member Chuck Wheeler, a target of the mailers in District 4.

    A connection between the mailers and state Democrats, including Madigan – the longest-serving speaker of any state House of Representatives in the country, and chairman of the Democratic Party for the past two decades – can be drawn with clues found on the mailers themselves.

    One hint is a “union bug” – a label printed on the mailer that means the employees who created the materials are represented by a labor union.

    Another signal is the name of a Chicago-based company that printed the mailer: Breaker Press, a union mail house on the South Side.

    Located in the 2400 block of South Western Avenue, Breaker Press in recent years has brokered political printing deals worth more than $8.9 million, according to campaign finance records.

    Many prominent Illinois Democrats occupy the company’s client list.

    Those Democrats include Madigan, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.


    Full color. Double-sided, heavy-stock paper. Big.

    That’s how to characterize one of the mailers that targeted McHenry County Recorder Joe Tirio.

    The ad features a manipulated photo of Tirio wearing a black sweatshirt, mask and gloves with his hands raised in a villainous pose.


    The ad accuses Tirio of managing a secret slush fund, using tax dollars to pay for a vacation and funding the “racist campaigns” of Orville Brettman and Ersel Schuster, two McHenry County Board candidates in District 6 who ran in the primary and lost.

    Tirio was chairman of the McHenry County GOPAC, a political action committee that sent mailers to residents urging them to vote for Schuster and Brettman, a candidate tied to a right-wing extremist group called the Legion of Justice that engaged in a series of terrorist-style raids against left-wing groups in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

    After the ads arrived at McHenry County homes, Tirio’s phone rang. He received texts. Messages populated his Facebook.

    “Somebody, for whatever reason, is spending an awful lot of money to cause people to believe things that aren’t true, and in turn, cause them to vote for somebody they otherwise wouldn’t vote for,” Tirio said. “It’s a twist on fraud.”

    Tirio looked up the Illinois Integrity Fund’s address online: 2815 Forbes Ave., Hoffman Estates.

    He got in his car and drove to the wealthy Cook County suburb.

    Inside the nondescript office building, Tirio found an insurance company and Regus office suites, where businesses rent out meeting spaces and use on-site mailboxes to retrieve their mailings. He found no trace of the Illinois Integrity Fund.

    Not on the property.

    Not in the Regus business directory.


    “If there’s no phone number, no email address and the postage is no good,” Tirio said, “you’re probably dealing with garbage. Till it into your flower bed and watch the flowers come up.”

    State Board of Elections inquiry

    Mailers such as the ones attacking Tirio, Wheeler and McHenry County Board member Michael Rein are expensive to produce – a fact that could be a problem for the Illinois State Board of Elections.

    By Tirio’s count, the Illinois Integrity Fund paid for at least three mailers against three candidates, including one that was circulated countywide.

    Wheeler spent $2,400 to send mailers to the more than 6,000 residents in District 4.

    “This is not something that somebody did in their basement with [Microsoft] Word,” Tirio said. “These are professional. The design would have cost more than $5,000.”

    The ISBE requires organizations to file a statement of organization if they spend more than $5,000 on campaign materials.

    To date, the Illinois Integrity Fund has not registered any paperwork with the board. Officials said it is unknown how much the group spent on the mailers. The board sent a letter to the group’s Hoffman Estates address March 16.

    “This letter is to inform you of the possible need for you to file reports under the Campaign Disclosure Act,” wrote Tom Newman, director of the Campaign Disclosure Division. “It has come to our attention that your committee has been sending campaign advertising mailings to area residents.”

    The board received no reply.

    Committees that fail to report could face a fine of $50 a business day up to a maximum of $5,000, or $10,000 for statewide political committees.

    The board also could seek an injunction against a committee to cease expenditures and operations until expenditures are disclosed.

    Until then, the Illinois Integrity Fund could remain a mystery.”

  8. Sister article linking McClellan (with her mug in the print version of the paper):

    “Several mailers attacking a slate of McHenry County Republicans in the lead-up to the primary election are tied to a Chicago-based printer that has raked in millions of dollars from Illinois Democrats in recent years, according to campaign finance records.

    Breaker Press, a commercial print shop in Chicago’s Piles neighborhood, printed the attack ads bankrolled by the Illinois Integrity Fund, a group that has filed no paperwork with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

    The mailers targeted McHenry County officials, including Recorder Joe Tirio and McHenry County Board members Michael Rein and Chuck Wheeler.

    Breaker Press has a client list populated with many prominent Illinois Democrats.

    McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ campaign committee has paid Breaker Press more than $57,000 since 2008.

    House Speaker Michael Madigan has spent more than $173,000 since 2010.

    Other clients include Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy.

    Not all customers have been Democrats. McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan hired Breaker Press to fund a joint mailer with clerk candidate Janice Dalton.

    Franks denied any knowledge of the Illinois Integrity Fund, but he commended their mailers.

    “It’s refreshing to see someone push back against an entrenched, entitled group that’s done a pretty poor job for a really long time,” Franks said.

    Tirio chalked up the mailers to lies.

    “When you feed people lies or various forms of deceit, you’re causing them to act in a way they wouldn’t normally act,” he said, “and you’re cheating them out of their vote.” “

  9. Corn on the Cob just posted the entire NWH article, a clear violation of copyright laws.

    For that reason I took it done.

    If someone wants to post the link, that would be OK.

  10. ^^The above was not reposted with permission of the Northwest Herald and should be deleted.

  11. Next year it will be the “Illinois Truth Fund”…now why would the politicians have laws with no teeth?

  12. Now what to do about Komenda and the NWH perpetuating those lies that Brettman, —was tied to a right-wing extremist group called the Legion of Justice and the lie that he engaged in a series of terrorist-style raids against left-wing groups in the late 1960s and early 1970s— ???

    Brettman could Never get the type of clearance necessary to work for the FAA and have a wife currently working for the FAA if he had anything like that in his past!

  13. Cal, delete my other one then too. Sorry.
    Links only? Here you go. Readers of two NWH articles that normally would never have been read 🙂


    And Sister article linking McClellan (with her mug in the print version of the paper):


  14. Isn’t compassionate conservative thinking fascinating? How could facts admitted in court be possible? Only here, in our glorious sunshine blog, you find such entertaining. Stay tuned. Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock,meeeoooowwwwwwwww…

  15. So I guess it is just a coincidence that the state Democratic Party has suddenly taken an interest in who gets the Republican nominations for county board seats in McHenry County?

    Did they do that in say Lake, DuPage, Kane, Will or Kendall counties?

    It’s also a coincidence I suppose that only those candidates, whether incumbents or challengers, who are expected to be critical of The Chairman, were targeted?

    The Chairman of course had nothing to do with it.

    If anyone believes that I have some beachfront property in Fargo I would like to talk to them about.

  16. Whoever is the owner of the NWH must be truly embarrassed at the ineptitude of the Editor and Publisher. It has deteriorated to irrelevant. Why does anyone advertise in it??

  17. https://www.elections.il.gov/Downloads/CampaignDisclosure/PDF/CampDiscGuide.pdf

    Complaint Process
    The Illinois Campaign Disclosure Act provides hearing procedures for complaints
    filed alleging violations of the law. Any person(s) that possess substantiated information
    that a violation has occurred may file a complaint, using Form D

    4. All complaint forms
    are filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections. Please contact our staff for specific
    information concerning hearing procedures.

  18. Someone should ask the chairman to look into the nasty mailers that disparaged candidates in the county board primary elections. He has friends in high places such as Rauner and Illinois Legislature and also going up to top Democrats in the US Congress and also Hillary and Obama. Maybe the chairman could ask them to intercede and ask them to send top, top investigators from the bureau of investigations from D.C. to look into the matter of the horrible mailers. Someone from the board, or a resident during the public comments part of meetings, should ask the chairman to get involved and get to the bottom of those despicable mailers. The chairman is for honesty, right?

  19. I am someone, and I will ask the Chairman. Tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  20. Jacko vetoed any mention of this til after the election.

    Reason #83,498 to cancel Herald subscription.

  21. Is the spotlight a NWH employee?

    If so, start getting your resume out for when the rag folds up shortly.

  22. Next county board meeting is April 12. Responsible board members, and/or citizens, should bring up this matter before the chairman.

  23. You can make whatever public comment you like Bred but that horse escaped the barn two years ago when Franks was elected.

    Where were you and what did you do then?

    He now has what he wants, an overwhelming majority of bowed and cowed board members that will say “How high?” when he says “Jump!”.

    The only hope for the county now is that the new Governor will offer him a sufficiently enticing position so he can leave the county and hand the board over to Paula Yensen, who will then lose the next election to Pam Althoff.

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