Mike Madigan Faces Federal Lawsuit that Could Have Been Filed against Jack Franks

The Sun-Times article characterizes the two minor Hispanic candidates in the Democratic Party Primary as “‘sham’ candidates.”

When Jack Franks was running for re-election in 2016 (before he dropped out to run for McHenry County Board Chairman), an identified Democrat filed for State Representative in the Republican Primary Election to run against Steve Reick.

House Speaker Mike Madigan had used the same tactic to eliminate fall competition over the years in his district.

In the same time frame House Speaker Mike Madigan was doing something similar.

A Latino candidate named Jason Gonzales filed against Madigan in the Democratic Primary Election in 2016.

Two other candidates with Hispanic last names also filed.

Gonzales filed suit against Madigan and lots of others including Shaw Decremer in Federal Court.

The Chicago Sun-Timns wrote a long story about the suit on Monday.

It sounds so much like the candidacy of Jeff Litche in the Republican Party Primary against Steve Reick.

Had Litche beaten Reick, Jack Franks would have seen as much of candidate Jeff Litche’s GOP candidacy as Reick saw of the candidate in the primary.

No, that’s wrong.

Jeffrey Litche, fake Republican candidate against real Republican Steve Reick, finally has a photo to go with his name. This was taken at the McHenry Fiesta Days Parade while he was driving a Jack Franks’ vehicle.

Litche might have  shown up as Jack Franks’ parade driver as he did in previous years.

Madigan’s possible defense is that Gonzales was a Re;publican “mole.”

Since the evidence that Litche was a solid Franks supporter, proving that he was a “mole” would be no trouble at all.

Here’s more evidence:


Mike Madigan Faces Federal Lawsuit that Could Have Been Filed against Jack Franks — 1 Comment

  1. I think it might be time, at least in Illinois, to remove the phrase “civil servant” from our political lexicon as more and more evidence establishes that we the land owning residents of Illinois have become servants to these political masters. May I suggest a substitute phrase “civil elected masters”.

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