CL Grade School Enrollment Down 13% in Seven Years

Below is the Crystal Lake Elementary School District 47 enrollment data filed with the State comparing 2017 with 2010. Note: the 2018 data has not yet been filed and would obviously show further declines.

Crystal Lake Grade School District 47 enrollment changes from 2010 though 2017.

This enrollment decline will continue as the larger classes at the junior high level graduate (900+ students) and are now being replaced with much smaller classes coming into the district at kindergarten and first grade (low 700’s students).

It is easy to extrapolate that if the incoming class sizes stay in the 700 range, D-47’s total enrollment will fall below 7,000 either next year or the year after.

Given their enrollment trend and this issue, this would be a perfect opportunity to consolidate schools within D-47, shut down the affected school, become more cost efficient, and not spend the millions of dollars required to bring an unneeded school back up to code.


CL Grade School Enrollment Down 13% in Seven Years — 3 Comments

  1. What does this mean for D155?

    Well, in 2017, there were 21% fewer first graders than there were eight graders.

    This means there will be 21% fewer freshmen entering high school in eight years from D47.

    I would bet money that the data from the other districts feeding D155 are very similar to the data from D47.

    If so, then enrollment at D155 will, of necessity, continue to decline, and sharply, probably faster than it has over the last ten years.

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