Demonstration Planned by ROAR for AJ at Courthouse June 16th, Day of AJ’s Parents’ Court Appearances

A group called ROAR for AJ can be found on Facebook.

It sponsored a small demonstration in front of the Department of Children and Family Services office the first week of June and plan another one on June 18th.

That gathering will be in front of the McHenry County Courthouse from 7:3–11:30, a period when AJ’s parents will be in court.


Demonstration Planned by ROAR for AJ at Courthouse June 16th, Day of AJ’s Parents’ Court Appearances — 20 Comments

  1. I think you mean July 16th, Cal.
    Freund is up on July 16th and Cunningham isn’t up until August 29th.

  2. Acosta works for Blair Counseling and Meditation.

    He says nothing on his linkedin page about working at DCFS.

    This is a post on linkedin in from Blair Counseling & Medication:

    “According to research from McLean Hospital, seemingly harmless anger may cause invisible damage to the brains of young children. Martin Teicher, an HMS associate professor of psychiatry at McLean, has found that verbal abuse from parents and peers causes changes in developing brains tantamount to scarring that lasts into adulthood.

    He found three neural pathways that were disturbed in these adults: the arcuate fasciculus, involved in language processing; part of the cingulum bundle, altered in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder and associated with depression and dissociation; and part of the fornix, linked to anxiety. “The damage,” Teicher says, “was on par with that found in the brains of people who had experienced nonfamilial sexual abuse.”””””

    Anyone trained in psychology and social work knows that childhood experiences like abuse permanently changes the pathways of the brain.


    Acosta is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

    Acosta fully knew that AJ was in a bad situation and he did nothing.

  3. I think Mr Acosta deserves the right to give his side of the story.

    I would hazard a guess that he had far too many cases.

    I am not defending him but I am sure he could offer much insight.

    It’s a tragedy that can only be prevented from repeating with information from all involved.

    I am sure AJ would rather see change than pitchforks, God rest his precious soul.

  4. But Acosta is “model” board member and citizen, Right Jacky boy?

  5. Matters such as this are nothing more than acceptable collateral damage to
    DEMOCRATS when they are in control of any government agency.
    RIP AJ, you WILL be avenged.

  6. Acosta is a typical democrat.

    “Pay me to help ruin your city, county, state.”

    He should be fired pronto for this boy’s death and Acosta’s stunning dereliction and cover ups.

  7. Clearly, there were problems in the Freund home.

    Too many DCFS cases would not have prevented Acosta from determining there was a safety issue for AJ Freund.

    The safety issue was clear convincing and indisputable.

    Acosta has no crutches in the AJ Freund case.

  8. Carlos Acosta makes over $100,000 as a social worker and says that he doesn’t work weekends.

    He had plenty of time to campaign to run for County Board but was over worked at DCFS?

    Most people that make over $100,000 don’t typically work 9-5 in real world they are bringing work home with them.

    Carlos Acosta is a free loader that just wanted to slide by and rake in the taxpayer cash!

  9. Acosta has no defense, no excuse, and no crutch.

    The people should be provided a copy of his financials. All of them.

  10. Today is the AJ senior court date. Drove by the house somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00. No one there.

  11. Acosta does have a Chinaman: Jack Franks

    He is a patronage human tick, sucking our blood. And he’s a lazy SOB as proven by the AJ debacle.


  12. Saddest case yet.

    Why isn’t Acosta charged as an accomplice of the deranged parents?

    He was their enabler.

  13. Ax Man, Acosta was the enabler of AJ’s parents. Acosta enabled and empowered those parents in every way.

    Andrew Freund, knows a lot of people in this community including well connected politicians and people connected to the courthouse.

    That speaks volumes.

    Favors and or payoffs is not new to McHenry County.

    Can’t wait for the Civil Attorney to start gathering information.

    Civil suits sometimes open the doors for criminal prosecutions.

  14. Overtaxed on Chickaloon, thanks for the clarification on Jack Franks.

  15. Thankfully, there is a civil Attorney pursuing the AJ Friend case.


  16. Inquiring minds would like to know.

    Why would anyone be at the house?

    The protest was at the courthouse.

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