Chance to Ask Underwood about Impeachment Support Thursday Morning in Huntley

That’s when Congresswoman Lauren Underwood will be holding a senior town hall meeting:


Chance to Ask Underwood about Impeachment Support Thursday Morning in Huntley — 11 Comments

  1. Prefer this dizzying intellect, tackle those issues in her wheelhouse.

    The nearly half of Americans surveyed, confessing to not changing their underwear daily.

  2. You can ask her about not changing your underwear, DJ but I bet she’s in favor of it.

    And indeed, as a sitting Congressman, impeachment is exactly her wheelhouse.

  3. Breaking down the distribution, I’m guessing Kvidera is a 1%’r.

    That top percentile committed to changing once per 30 days.

  4. Joey, please go and give her softball questions, like does she support same sex ‘marriage’?

    Does she support Trump’s relocation of US embassy to Jerusalem?

    Does she support reparations?

    Does she support Jack Franks and his false post card campaign against Shuster and Bretmann?

    Does she support this?:

    Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has removed sections of her campaign website that had disputed claims about her heritage, including the results of a DNA test that showed she had scant traces of Native American ancestry.

    Until Sunday, Warren’s website included a video of the Democrat receiving the results of the genetic test, which showed that she had between 1/64th and 1/1024th Native American ancestry.

    Warren initially touted the results as a vindication of her claims throughout her academic career that she has Cherokee ancestry.

  5. What a dope. She is JUST another Democrat who toes the line and is in the Democrats’ Circle of Wagons. It would be refreshing to have JUST one Democrat on the national scene come out and state on the news media that because there were no Indictments by Special Prosecutor Mueller on collusion or obstruction that there was NONE. ZERO. NADA.

    All of the collusion, conspiracy and obstruction of Justice was by Hillary Clinton, the Obama Administration top officials such as Comey and top investigator Peter Stzok and many others to destroy Trump the candidate and Trump the President. This collusion by Obama top people included the mostly left wing media who went along with the Russia collusion hoax BS promoted by Democrats.

    Only low information people, the ignorant and the useful idiots fail to realize the gigantic conspiracy promoted by top Obama Administration people. These are probably people who get their news only from the left leaning media.

  6. Pretty amazing to see a sitting Rep actually host regular sessions with their constituents.

    Remember how scared Randy was to actually converse and answer to the people he represented.

    The Blue Wave came through – despite what we expected.

    The GOP is essentially dead to demographics under 40 years old. Its only going to get worse.

    Trump did this to us.

  7. Underwear is a damned disgrace.

    She dares to write ‘and combatting fraud’ in her announcement when she’s the biggest fraudster in the County (after Franks and his pet, Acosta).

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