Dodge Rams McHenry Starbucks, One Critical

From the McHenry Police Department:


On January 16, 2020 at approximately 4:40 P.M. officers of the McHenry Police Department responded to the Starbucks, 4305 W. Elm St., for a reported crash involving a vehicle into the building.

A full size Dodge Ram traveling Westbound on W. Elm St. left the roadway east of the intersection of W. Elm St. and Oak Dr.

The vehicle continued Westbound while off the roadway and collided with the Northeast corner of Starbucks after striking a vehicle in the drive-thru.

In total, five injuries were reported on scene.

Four patients were transported to Northwestern Medicine Hospital in McHenry and one of the four was subsequently transported to Advocate Condell Hospital.

One patient was released on scene.

The patient transported to Advocate Condell Hospital was reported to be in critical condition at the time of their transport.

The other three patients are now reported to be in fair condition.

McHenry Township Fire Protection District (MTFPD), along with several neighboring fire departments responded to the scene.

Fire and rescue personnel did succeed in extracting one
patient from under the vehicle.

Members of the police department’s Major Crash assistance Team are continuing to investigate this incident.

The team consists of officers from the McHenry Police Department, Johnsburg Police Department, Spring Grove Police Department and Woodstock Police Department.

This incident is still under investigation and further details will be disseminated at a later time.

Vehicle operators and those injured will not be identified at this time.


Dodge Rams McHenry Starbucks, One Critical — 4 Comments

  1. Patrick Kenneally was left dumbfounded, scratching his large, balding head and derriere on this one.

  2. That weird T intersection has to be the stupidest place in McHenry for a Starbucks.

    Jett rammed the approval through City Council despite several red flags.

    The Place is severely wrecked and will out for a few weeks, at the earliest.

    Hard to imagine a vehicle could destroy a building of that size.

    The driver, somehow, missed all the telephone and traffic poles guarding the joint.

    Suprised nobody was killed THIS TIME.

    But the siren call of tax revenue in a dying town quashed all concerns.

    Tricky Ricky Jett — he’s a libtard who presides over a town o’ tattoo parlors, pawnshops and pay day loan scammers. (And ‘drug’ bars like Jexalls)

    But his businesses do just fine.

    I wonder why?

    Hey Rickey is it true 25% of McHenry’s population is made up of illegals?

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