DCFS Shields Carlos Acosta Dismissal Appeal Records

Looking for information concerning actions former Department of Children and Family Services caseworker Carlos Acosta took after he was fired, I filed the following Freedom of Information request:

“Under the FOIA I request any employment dismissal appeals from Carlos Acosta and Andrew Polovin through the date you reply to this request.”

Here’s the reply:

So, just as in the situation when an Administrative Law Judge found Algonquin Township’s firing of an employee was justified, but a labor union contract arbitrator overruled the Administrative Law Judge, here we have another example of an agreement with a union that trumps a state law.

Meanwhile, Governor JB Pritzker is touting sending more money to DCFS:


DCFS Shields Carlos Acosta Dismissal Appeal Records — 12 Comments

  1. once again U nothing but garbage, usless robbers… sickening.. while we pay pay pay for the POS …

  2. But, but, aren’t the DEMOCRATS always crying about TRANSPARENCY ?

    Only when it suits their needs.

  3. Well told Paul Revere!

    I’d like to be shining my shoes on his and several other people’s backsides!

    Just saying!

  4. I have a money-making idea for the Friends of AJ organization.

    A piñata in the shape of Acosta filled with goodies.

  5. I never bought that whole Aj story to start with. Now it seems there is an agenda as to why they brought it to us in the first place. Something is truly rotten in the state of Illinois.

  6. Alabama? If you don’t smell something really funny about all of this then we all know why I say that you are an idiot.

  7. AlabamaShake, is just a paid political consultant who happens to be angry, because the careers a of lot of Democrats could be over!

  8. Cindy, Alabama is no idiot.

    He’s diabolical.



  9. You people allow creeps like Acosta to creep around and commit all manner of outrages.

    That wouldn’t happen in a healthy place.

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