GOP Candidate for McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler Addresses County Board

Here is what Mike Buehler told the McHenry County Board last night:

Mike Buehler addresses County Board.

My name is Mike Buehler and I am a resident of Crystal Lake.

Thank you to the entire board for the opportunity to make public comment tonight.

First of all, I want to let you know that I am NOT here tonight to cast judgement regarding the recent allegations against chairman Franks.

I am here to respectfully ask the board, as leaders of the community, to find the courage to ask a few very pertinent questions that directly affect the citizens of McHenry County.

The people deserve better than to have us bury our heads in the sand when a dark cloud looms over the districts.

As reported in the Chicago Sun times on Feb 2nd, Speaker Madigan asked Illinois Secretary of State Capitol Police to ban Mr. Franks from entering the Capitol without an escort.

This extraordinary action was taken due to “credible” harassment allegations and “possible criminal conduct”.

The 3 questions I think the board and the people of our county deserve to have answered, are as follows :

  1. Why was the County board not notified of these restrictions by Speaker Madigan’s office or the Sangamon County state’s attorney office at the time they were imposed?
  2. Why didn’t Chairman Franks notify the Board of these restrictions immediately after he was made aware of them?
  3. Has chairman Franks been handcuffed in his ability to represent McHenry County due to his inability to enter the capital without an escort? For nearly 1 year…

The County Board Chairman’s position, as the elected leader of the Board, is a very important one.

If hampered by restrictions, or if State officials are unwilling to associate with the Highest representative of OUR County, we as a County are underserved at the least, and potentially negatively affected in ways that we cannot foresee.

To conduct business as usual, without asking for answers to questions we have a right to know, is a disservice to all of the women, and men that you serve.

Leadership requires us to ask the difficult, and yes, sometimes uncomfortable questions. I respectfully urge this Board to exercise their power to lead this County.


GOP Candidate for McHenry County Board Chairman Mike Buehler Addresses County Board — 14 Comments

  1. A surrogate should have done this, NOT the candidate.

    Yes, the questions are G_R_E_A_T, but is should have been done by another person.

    Also good luck to the taxpayers trying to consolidate Nunda and McHenry Township to the County.

    They can only save!!!

    Hey were Township employees putting up the “Save the Township!” signs?

  2. Buehler’s comments last night with the Chairman sitting about 15 feet away reminds us of how to bring something up very cleverly. At a debate in 2004, the Great President Ronald Reagan said to his opponent Walter Mondale:

    “I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience,”

  3. I feel like we have filtered press here in this county.

    I listened to the board meeting and around 1/3 of time were comments about Jack being unfit for office.

    I went to the nwherald and they didn’t report it.

    All I saw from the meeting was an article on the mileage and a sponsored pic of Frank Gerkin McKenna.

    Is there any laws on unfair media practices for a newspaper outlet?

    The only time they report is when the Sun Times or the Tribune do reports about Jack.

    Does he have any other financial interest in the NWherald besides his law firm sponsoring adds routinely on the front page?

    I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot more to the story, and that eventually his wall of people and press will come falling down.

    Hopefully anyone who might be aiding him in any of these allegations or other allegations will be punished appropriately.

  4. Why don’t they call that ineffective lot, McHenry County Turd Board.

    They whine about the crook Franks, yet do nothing but enable him.

  5. The fact that Mike Buehler appeared at the meeting demonstrates true leadership.

    Buehler, is the best choice for McHenry County!

  6. Who’s worse?

    The pervert stalking creep or the Lilliputian Co. Bd. Elves who bow and scrape to the pervert stalking creep?

  7. Franks ain’t afraid to show his pudgy face in public.

    Or especially to a cowering County Board of misfits, simpletons and stooges.

  8. GasserBacker I would like to know how consolidating McHenry Township is going to save taxpayers money?

    McHenry County employees are union with higher pay and expensive pensions that McHenry County residents pay for.

    Township employees are non union.

    Are you aware that McHenry County just reached an agreement with Local 150 to start all new hires at 2.25% increase over the present hiring rate?

    Look at your County Real Estate Tax Bill.

    My tax for the McHenry Township is $75.00 annually, my tax bill for McHenry County pensions is $79.00 annually.

    Kudos to Mike Buehler for putting Jack Franks on notice!

    Who in their right mind would want to be consolidated with a county who’s chairman is named in a defamation suit, facing sexual allegation charges, a board member that was discharged by the DCFS concerning the AJ Freund case, a judge who had a restraining order placed on her, and a county that hasn’t had an official coroner for months?

    So according to you, we should pay higher taxes to join in with a corrupt county government?

  9. Mike Buehler demonstrated true leadership and courage confronting the leader of the Little McHenry County Machine.

    We need more like Mike and fewer Jacks.

  10. The NW Herald is in Franks’ pocket.

    Kevin Craver, remember him?,

    used to write whatever Franks gave him.

    His reward?

    Franks made him “Communications Specialist for the county.”

    He says he doesnt contact elected offials tgats for you to do as he doesnt deal with it.

    Yet he still puts out press releases on Franks and his efforts.


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