Coronavirus Diagnoses Up 1 to 47, A Second McHenry County Resident Dies

From the McHenry County Health Department:

“As of March 28, 2020, there are 47 identified cases of COVID-19 in McHenry County and 2 deaths.”

No further details are provided.

The State Health Department, however, provides more information about the death:

“McHenry County: male 50s”

Why this information was withheld by the County Department is unknown.


Coronavirus Diagnoses Up 1 to 47, A Second McHenry County Resident Dies — 9 Comments

  1. Wow Lady Jane!

    That’s horrible!

    24 more and he’ll be tied with Trump.

  2. Making fun and light of the U.S. and world’s current great human tragedy, Piece of Garbage Hillary recently wrote/twatterd:

    “He did promise “America First. The U.S. Now Leads the World in Confirmed Coronavirus Cases.”

  3. bred is the MOST dumbed down confused person in the whole county. They are STILL arguing silly talking points over non-existent political “issues”. You are the perfect example of a mind-controlled zombie. No one is hiding data from you. They are lying about all of it! It is ALL made up. You will NEVER get it because you are still entrenched in your fake us vs. them political beliefs. While we were all thrown into the new world order of Communism over complete and outright lies, the minions and puppets like bred will still not get it.

  4. We all know who DALA is. She doesn’t even live in reality. Sick. Sad, sad lonely fruitcake. Did you again spend all your lunch hours feverishly working on producing that amazing piece of detective work in your fantasy world? I hope that none of those people you keep naming decide to sue you for throwing their names around with your fantasy accusations. Paranoia and a serpent tongue are not getting you very far in your ploy for sympathy or your struggle toward mental health. I am an expert in narcissism, not psychosis and schizophrenia so I really don’t know what to tell you. (You can’t tell a narcissist anything.) The world has bigger problems and has moved on. I don’t believe in doctors, pharmaceuticals, or alcohol so maybe you should just stay safely ensconced in your fantasy world.

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