Sheriff Bill Prim Has No Intention of Enforcing Pritzker Order as Criminal Offense

From McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim:

Bill Prim

“The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office at this time has no plan to enforce the Governor’s order as a criminal offense. 

“As Governor Pritzker said on May 6, 2020,

‘At the state level, we don’t have the capacity or desire to police individual behavior of 12.7 million people.’

“We too, do not have the capacity or desire to enforce the Governor’s orders. 

“The Sheriff’s Office does encourage residents to self-monitor and voluntarily comply with the orders.

“It is our duty to ensure the safety of all citizens within McHenry County is our priority. 

NBC Channel 5 headline.

“With the Governor’s order, voluntary compliance is important in moving forward on the road to a revitalized and restored community. 

“The community’s safety and well-being, mentally and physically, are of the utmost concern.”


Sheriff Bill Prim Has No Intention of Enforcing Pritzker Order as Criminal Offense — 4 Comments

  1. If you are Covid-19 positive, Sheriff Prim is willing to spend thousands, if not tens of thousands, of taxpayers funds in order to violate your right to privacy for his patient-criminal list.

    BUT if you then ignore quarantine and leave your house, he will not take enforcement action against you.

    Even better, if another police department catches you, State’s Attorney Pat Kenneally won’t prosecute you because he signed on to the federal lawsuit saying Governor Pritzker has overstepped his authority, which is just what Kenneally did when he tried to order the health department to violate the citizens’ rights to privacy, but then got a judge to do it for him.

    And this hypocrisy protects officers and the public how exactly?

  2. Good for Prim.

    Everyone knows Pritzker is a joke.

    Pritzker knows his state is in such a financial mess he wants to put all the blame on the virus so he can get a bail out from the federal government.

    Well, the problem isn’t the virus.

    The problem is Pritzker and the democrats of the general assembly for the past 45 years.

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